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How to Protect Your Glass Windows and Doors from Intruders

How to Protect Your Glass Windows and Glass Doors from Intruders?

Protecting your glass windows, doors, and walls against intruders is essential to the safety of you, your family, and your home or business.

Unfortunately, a home security system isn’t always enough to burglar-proof your property. Even with motion sensors, cameras, and door and window sensors, a security system doesn’t always deter an intruder. Thankfully, there are additional steps you can take to beef up the security on your property and further protect you and your loved ones.

Learn more about further securing your glass windows and doors below.

5 Ways to Protect Your Glass Windows and Doors from Intruders

ADD WINDOW AND DOOR LOCKS — Many windows come standard with locks, but additional aftermarket locks can significantly increase the safety surrounding your glass windows and doors. There are many options for aftermarket locks, such as pin locks, keyed locks, sash locks, and hired wedge locks. If nothing else, you can add a dowel into any sliding doors or windows to ensure they cannot be opened from the outside unless the dowel is removed.

USE TEMPERED GLASS — Tempered glass is much stronger than annealed glass — four times stronger, to be exact. Safety windows, windows using tempered glass, go through many heating and cooling phases, which enhance their strength. Breaking through tempered glass is incredibly challenging and causes quite the disturbance, and burglars are typically trying to keep a low profile. Tempered glass crumbles into thousands and thousands of pieces when broken, rather than breaking into jagged bits.

PLANT THORNY BUSHES — An effective tactic to keeping intruders from breaking into your property is to plant thorny bushes below windows and around your house. Consider planting rose bushes, various types of cactus, or bougainvillea, which offer a beautiful look but a prickly surprise.

INSTALL MOTION OR FLOOD LIGHTS — Burglars like to do their dirty work in the safety of darkness and are easily spooked by lights suddenly turning on. Install motion or floodlights to the exterior of your home — especially in areas hidden from street or neighbor view, like your back or side yard, and near the entrance of your home and garage. Motion and floodlights do not need to be connected to a security system to function; however, many options hook up to your security system and send you notifications when they detect movement.

ADD WINDOW BARS — While window bars may not be the most aesthetically pleasing option, they offer an added layer of security to your home. In addition to making it difficult for unwanted guests to squeeze their way through the space between bars, window bars also make it a lot more challenging to break the glass behind bars.

Contact Murray Glass

Unfortunately, you cannot protect your glass windows and doors against all burglars. Some motivated intruders will make their way into your Salt Lake City home or business and leave your windows and glass doors in shambles, despite the safeguards you have in place. That’s why the professionals at Murray Glass offer 24/7 emergency service. If the glass on your property becomes damaged or broken, trust our experienced and knowledgeable team to salvage the damage quickly. Contact Murray Glass today, where your glass project is our top priority. We serve Salt Lake, Weber, and Utah counties.

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