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How To Use Mirrors To Brighten A Room

How To Use Mirrors To Brighten A Room
You’d have trouble finding a homeowner that doesn’t enjoy light streaming in through their windows, or want more of it! But there are a few things that can really cut down the amount of light in a room.

Sometimes it’s the space; small, cramped spaces usually have less light. Sometimes it’s a lack of natural light making its way in the windows. You may have a window that doesn’t face the sun, or perhaps your yard is full of trees that prevent as much light. Or maybe you have a nice bright room but want to make it even brighter and feel even bigger.

You can easily brighten and bring more light into a room with the use of a few accessories. Here’s how to use mirrors to brighten a room.

When you use mirrors to brighten a room you get to double the amount of light by using the reflection of the mirror to bounce the existing light back into the room. With this in mind, one way to really brighten a room is by hanging a mirror directly across from your biggest window.

If that doesn’t seem to be reflecting enough light, try placing a mirror adjacent to your windows. Depending on where the sun is in relation to your home and windows, this may be a better angle to catch the sunlight. The bigger the mirror you hang, the more light you’ll get reflected back into the room and the brighter your room will feel.

If a large mirror doesn’t work the particular space you’re hoping to brighten, try a fun arrangement of smaller mirrors. They can be a few equally sized and same-shaped mirrors, or try adding some character with various shapes and sizes. It will not only make for an interesting wall display but it will add light and space to the areas well.

It can be difficult to use mirrors to brighten a space when you just don’t have much access to light to begin with. In this case, you may want to consider adding exterior glass doors. Your full glass exterior doors will give you the benefits of adding a window to your home, without the added costs of a contractor having to bust open a wall.

If you want a little more privacy than the full glass exterior doors provide, consider an exterior door with glass inserts. You’ll still get plenty of bright light with a little more added security. You can also help keep the light in your home by installing interior doors with glass panels so that light can easily travel between rooms. 

As you look around your home and wonder where you should or can use mirrors to brighten the area, take a close look at your stairwells, smaller rooms and bathrooms, and any corners that just seem “dark”.

When you find places for mirrors, make sure you’re purchasing them from Salt Lake City’s leader in all things glass and mirror — Murray Glass.


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