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How To Use Mirrors to Make a Room Seem Bigger

How To Use Mirrors to Make a Room Seem Bigger
Mirrors have a superpower—they can make a room (or space) seem bigger than it really is. Their reflective ability creates a sort of optical illusion. Next time you’re decorating a small room, utilize this superpower to take your room to the next level. Whether you’re decorating with one mirror or multiple, make your room seem bigger almost instantly.

Tall Mirrors Draw The Eye Upwards

Dealing with a short room? Try a tall mirror. A long mirror will draw the eye upward and instantly make a short room feel taller. This optical illusion works best with long, slender mirrors placed strategically in places that will allow them to reflect light into the room. It can create the feeling of another doorway, or just a be a device to draw the eye and reflect light.

Use Multiple Mirrors To Create An Illusion

Decorating with multiple mirrors give them the chance to reflect off each other. Even if you use small mirrors, they will give the feeling of more space. When placed across from each other, they will reflect endlessly, giving an optical illusion of extra space. Multiple mirrors will also help you reflect more light in more directions, which will make any space feel larger. Open up your space while decorating with stylish mirrors.

Place Mirrors Where They Can Reflect Light

Mirrors have the power to create an illusion of space because of their reflective nature, mainly reflect light. Any space will feel bigger when it’s lighter. This is why painting a room white makes it feel bigger. When you’re decorating with your mirrors, use them to reflect natural light into the room. Placing a mirror across from a window, for example, will bring in extra light, making the area feel more spacious.

Big Mirrors Make A Space Feel Big

Go big or go home? More like go big for your home. A big mirror is a tool to make space seem large. It’s an instant fix for most rooms. It’s an easy one and done solve for small rooms. Add a large mirror on a major wall or in even in a corner. The large reflective mirror will make it feel like there is more space than there actually is.

No Window? No Problem—Use A Mirror!

Decorating a windowless room can be tough. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of installing a window, your options are pretty limited. A room with no windows will have limited light and likely feel small and stuffy. But that can be prevented with some well-placed mirrors. You can create the feeling of a window with a mirror. You can frame the mirror to look like a window or just place it in the room as a centerpiece. Either way, it will create the illusion of space and keep away that feeling of claustrophobia that so often accompanies a windowless room.



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