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How Windows Can Transform Your Space

How Windows Can Transform Your Space

Windows don’t receive as much credit as they deserve since they are an integral part of your house. Can you imagine a house without windows? Not only would your home’s curb appeal suffer, but you’d perpetually feel stuffy and lack natural lighting. That is no way to live! Believe it or not, windows are one of the critical features of a room that stands out. The aesthetics of a window, such as color, are of extreme importance, especially when it comes to interior designing. Moreover, windows can impact the general atmosphere and spaciousness of any room. 

A common misconception is that interior design begins after you build a home because the size and positionality of windows impact a room’s design and functionality. In many ways, your house’s structure revolves around window placement.

Here are a few ways that windows can enhance your home’s interior appearance. 

Enjoy More Natural Light

Natural lighting invites warmth to every room. Not only is natural lighting superior to artificial lighting, but it influences the visual appeal of a room. Under natural lighting, you will feel more positive and experience a better quality of sleep. All of these benefits complement one another, as better sleep leads to more productivity.

If you’re currently in the process of constructing a new house or you are planning on renovating your abode, consider the orientation of your home. Observe the direction the sun moves toward throughout the day and take notes of where most of the light comes. Additionally, you’ll have to decide on which rooms you want to have the most natural light—your living room should be an option to consider. 

A Visual Point of Interest

Windows contribute to your room’s aesthetics. For example, bold, architectural designs make windows the centerpiece of your room. Have you heard of custom-shaped windows? Custom windows are becoming more and more popular among homeowners who keep up with the latest trends, and your house doesn’t have to be an exception. Some custom-shaped windows are purely for looks and lack functionality because they don’t open. These types of windows are used to maximize views and the amount of light that enters your home. Another perk that’s associated with custom-shaped windows is the fact that they come in a variety of geometric shapes and sizes to match the style of your home. 

Compliment Your Furniture

The amount of light that makes its way into your room will dictate your furniture choices. Stick to bright furniture for darker rooms, and dark furniture for lighter rooms to avoid clashing colors. If you feel like your rooms can benefit from even more light, strategically place mirrors to reflect natural light around the room. To maximize the amount of light in your room, invest in white furniture, as natural light tends to reflect off white furniture pieces. 

If you’re looking to adorn your home with new windows, Murray Glass has your back. We specialize in customizable windows, from handcrafted etching to shaded frames. Our professionals know precisely what it takes to nail that balance between good looks and smarts, so contact us today.


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