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Innovative Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Home

Innovative Ways to Use Mirrors in Your Home

Your bathroom mirror really comes in handy when you are trying to turn around a bad hair day, and your full length mirror has saved you from several fashion faux pas. While these mirrors certainly fulfill a need, have you ever considered the other functions mirrors can serve in your home?

There are many creative uses for mirrors to change the feel and look of your home for the better. Here are just a few innovative ways to use mirrors in your home.

1. As a Closet Door

As mentioned, a full length mirror is a must when it comes to putting together flattering outfits. Rather than taking up wall space, why not let your closet door serve as a mirror too? By doing so, you create a gorgeous and classy look that is also very functional.. With so much mirror and reflection on one wall, you’ll also make your bedroom seem noticeably bigger with the amount of space and light that is reflected.

2. In Small Spaces

Speaking of reflecting light and space, mirrors are a great way to brighten small spaces and make them appear more open and less cramped. A perfect example of this is by placing mirrors in corners. You can eliminate a waste of space and instead reflect light into the corner, illuminating it which will give it and the entire room an larger appearance.

3. As Art

If you’re looking for something to hang on the walls of your home but can’t seem to find any artwork you love, why not choose a mirror with a fun and interesting frame? It will create as much visual interest and you’ll get all of the added light and the open feel that come from mirrors.

4. Full Length

They’re not just for the bedroom to look at outfits. If you’ve got a small entryway or mudroom, try adding a full length mirror. You will feel the space open dramatically and it is a great way to do a “final check” before heading out the door.

5. Mirrored Furniture

You need the functionality of a side table or cabinet in a room, but you’re worried about the bulk that a large wooden piece would have. Not to worry! With mirrored furniture you get the functionality, but it feels very “light” in the room.

If you’re looking for someone to help you install or add more mirrors to you home, look no further than Murray Glass. They have Utah’s best pieces of glass. When you hire Murray Glass you’ll get professional glass glazing, cutting, repairs, replacements and installations. You have nothing to lose!

Besides specializing in mirrors, Murray Glass can also take care of any of your home or business window and glass needs. Are you tired of the standard cheap bedroom doors throughout your home? There’s no need to skimp when it comes to door originality and beauty. Murray Glass can help you find some great alternatives like decorative door glass. Whether you’re looking for interior double doors, entry doors with sidelights, or frosted glass interior bathroom doors, let Murray Glass and their certified and trained glass installers help take your home to the next level. Contact them today!


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