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Is a Shower Door Necessary?

Is a Shower Door Necessary?

At some point in your life, you’ve been faced with the age-old question—are shower doors necessary? The answer is yes.

You deserve much more than an easily disposable shower curtain. Not only are shower doors more elegant than shower curtains, but they are also more practical. Installing a shower door will set the tone for your restroom. 

Here’s why you should make the switch to a classy shower door today. 


Your desire for customization can be fulfilled with a shower door. The only appeal to a shower curtain is their vibrant colors and designs, but that’s no excuse to settle for one. Shower doors come in an array of sizes, colors, and different glass options. Even if you don’t hang out in your bathroom for fun, your bathroom is just as important as your living room and kitchen. You use your bathroom every day, why not make it look gorgeous? Swapping out an old shower curtain for a shower door will exponentially increase your home’s value. Best of all, shower doors create the illusion of a bigger bathtub. 


Although shower curtains are traditional, shower doors are made from durable, quality materials. Shower curtains are not designed to last, and you’ll have to dispose of a shower curtain every few months. Shower doors are superior to shower curtains because they are made with tempered or laminated glass. Shower curtains become dotted and blurry in a matter of weeks. 


As hard as it is to believe, shower curtains made from vinyl (the common ones you’ll see at most department stores) are detrimental to your health. Vinyl contains polyvinyl chloride, which can cause adverse effects to your health in the long run. Not only do shower curtains impact your well-being, but they are also bad for the environment. Worst of all, shower curtains are susceptible to mold and mildew. It’s not a question of if a shower curtain will breed mold and mildew, it’s a question of when it will happen. 

Mold and mildew are a serious safety hazard that must be taken care of before it spreads. Although you’ll probably find a bit of mold on your shower door from time to time because of the damp location, mold doesn’t grow as often as it does on shower curtains. Mold thrives in the folds of a shower curtain, and it’s more difficult to remove. You might have to cut your shower curtain if it grows moldy from the bottom. Since glass shower doors are made of either tempered or laminated glass, you won’t have to worry about a shower door’s materials negatively affecting your health. 


Shower doors are an investment that you won’t have to worry about repurchasing every few months. Best of all, shower doors are low maintenance. Shower curtains have an expiration date. Although the original purchase of a shower curtain can be inexpensive, having to replace your shower curtain every few months will prove expensive; the costs add up. Not only are shower doors fashionable, but they are easier to maintain clean. If your shower door is soiled by hard water and scale, an easy way to clean it is to lather a sponge with soapy water and wipe the door down. You won’t have to clean your shower door often.  


The most obvious benefit of a shower door is that water won’t drip out of your shower. Shower curtains are to blame for the puddles of water that form on your floor when you shower, and even after you’re done showering. Water slides down shower curtains, whereas water drops remain inside the bathtub with a shower door. The better choice is a no-brainer. 

If you’re calling a quits to your relationship with your shower curtain, Murray Glass has you covered. We specialize in glass doors, and we offer European glass doors, corner glass shower doors, and many more options! Call Murray Glass today to improve your bathroom’s appearance. 

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