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Is Glass Repair in Your Future?

Is Glass Repair In Your Future

Are you going to need glass repair soon? Many times, you can predict when glass is weak and about to break.


Obvious signs include chips or tiny cracks. These are telling you that the glass is already broken, although it largely still may be serving its purpose.

The earlier glass is repaired or replaced, the safer it is and the more affordable the job will be. Imagine a small crack in your windshield, which can spread in seconds at any given moment. The same holds true for glass in your home or office.

There are other signs of weakness, too. For starters, the sheer age of your glass may be telling you it’s time for an upgrade.

As much as you may want to keep the “historic” windows in your home, waves and all, know that it’s inefficient at best and dangerous at worst. Old windows weren’t made to serve as insulation, and when they break, they become deadly shards instead of modern gummy chunks.

Standing Up to Pressure

Thinness is another sign of weakness. It’s pretty simple: The thicker the glass, the stronger and more efficient it is. That’s why so many homeowners are drooling over double-pane and even triple-pane windows. They serve as insulation, they’re tougher for burglars to break and they’re a lot stronger.

Upgrading with an additional windowpane can dramatically improve safety and your HVAC bill!

Stained glass, that has a lot of seams and is pieced together, might look beautiful, but it’s weaker and more prone to breaking.

In some instances, panes require piecing together, like with extra-large shower walls. However, any time there’s a natural break in this material, you need to keep an eye on it for hairline cracks and chips.

A Pane in the Glass

Sometimes glass has a tough job, like if it’s a shower door that’s constantly being slammed by your 10-year-old. Glass that’s used frequently, gets knocked around or doesn’t perfectly align with its frame is at a greater risk of breaking.

When possible, fix those alignment issues as soon as you notice them. Signs of poor door or window alignment include unusual sounds when you open or close them, or feeling like you have to force what should be a natural movement.

The reality is that glass can and will break the more you use it, so it’s best to practice preventive measures while preparing for worst-case scenarios.

Take some time to research repair shops in your area now, before disaster strikes. Shops should offer 24/7 emergency services, you should be happy with their customer service and their reviews should speak for themselves.

When you need glass repair, count on the reliable experts at Murray Glass.

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