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Is Your Shower Door Safe?

Is Your Shower Door Safe

Your shower doors can be a focal point of your bathroom if you go with a stunning, floor-to-ceiling frameless option like those featured on HGTV.


The lack of a frame makes the shower and the room look bigger, and the style is reminiscent of a luxury spa. It’s one of the most popular items for a luxe bath, and it’s certainly an investment. However, is it the safest option?

It turns out it is, assuming it’s installed correctly and well-maintained.

Many framed shower doors can get a little wonky after a time. Constantly shutting (or, for those with kids or rough housemates, slamming) a large pane of glass within a frame can lead to damage.

Just like any other type of glass, a small crack can become a big one with very little force. If you have a framed shower door, close it gently, and routinely check to make sure it doesn’t bump anything as you close it.

Those in Glass Showers

You may have heard urban legends about glass shattering while a person is naked and vulnerable. Those kinds of surprise incidents rarely happen, but when they do, it usually involves old showers.

Old-school glass breaks into dangerous shards. Today’s shower and car glass is designed to break into gummy pieces that are easier to clean up and not nearly as dangerous. But it’s still possible to get hurt if you step on or touch the pieces.

A broken shower pane is usually caused by sudden and extreme force, like if you’re hauling in a new toilet and accidentally hit the door with it. The likelihood of the door shattering while you’re using the shower is, thankfully, slim to none.

Playing it Safe

Framed shower doors might come in a sliding design, or they could open just like a frameless door. Either is equally safe; it really depends on how you use the shower and how gentle everyone in the household is.

A framed shower door that opens inward or outward should feature a soft-close mechanism, making it impossible to slam. If that feature is missing, your door could suffer sudden breakage or damage.

A sliding glass door also should have a soft-close component. Older shower doors didn’t have this, and you could slide the door all the way to the frame. This could result in damage, too. However, modern shower doors have been created with safety, durability and beauty in mind.

If you’re on the fence about clear glass and privacy glass, all feature the same safety. It’s simply a matter of preference. For all your shower door repair and replacement needs, call the local experts at Murray Glass for a free quote.

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