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Murray Glass: Mirrors in Utah

Murray Glass: Mirrors in Utah
Any homeowner will tell you that having an open feel and lots of light are just a few of the most desirable qualities in a home. In many instances, creating openness can really only be achieved with intense remodeling. Unless you’ve purchased a fixer-upper, that’s probably not a very realistic move.

Getting more light into your home can be difficult to change as well, unless you’re able to add more windows or position your home intentionally with the rising and setting of the sun in mind. Again, this may not always be very realistic for many homeowners.

The good news is there is one way to achieve a bigger, brighter feel in your home — mirrors. And if you’re looking for the best mirrors around, look no further than Murray Glass.

With the best brands and manufacturers on-hand (including local companies), Murray Glass can help you find exactly what you’re looking for. When it comes to mirrors, traditional mirrors are easily done. But don’t let that keep you from being creative when it comes to ways to include mirrors in your home. How about a custom coffee table with a gorgeous mirrored top? You’ve got it. Or what about a mirrored shower door? The possibilities are endless and custom jobs are just one of the many services offered by Murray Glass.

When it comes to mirrors, did you know that there’s a whole lot more to think about than just where you want to see your reflection? There are actually several different types of mirrors, and the experts at Murray Glass are well versed in those different types.

For example, “silvered mirrors” are a common type of mirror that are designed via tempered or annealed glass that is brushed on a conveyer belt during manufacturing. During the process silver is actually deposited on the mirror, giving it a silver hue. You can also choose a clear mirror that instead has a silver, copper, and paint backing. These “clear mirrors” have less green, making them ideal for white interiors.

And if you’re looking for something with a bit more character? Not to worry. Murray Glass also offers antique mirrors with tints and coatings to age the mirror to perfection, and not a day over. You can also choose a concave mirror, curving inward to create bigger reflections. You can also get a convex mirror which do the opposite, making them perfect for garages or blind corners.

If those aren’t enough options to choose from, there are more still! Get a laminated mirror with clear glass, or a safety backed mirror if you’re looking for something extra durable. Two-way, or transparent mirrors are also an option for your business or home. Pyrolytic is a very reflective mirror that works perfect in high-moisture areas where silver isn’t the best choice (perfect for shower doors, for example).

It’s crystal clear with the many mirror options available at Murray Glass that they are the experts when it comes to glass and mirrors.  No matter what you’re looking to achieve Murray Glass can help make it happen.

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