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My Glass Table Broke. Why?

Why My Glass Table Broke

Glass tables are known for being resilient against everyday wear and tear, which is why it’s always shocking when a glass table breaks. 

If your table has recently broken and you’re unsure why keep reading for a few possibilities. 

 A Heavy Load

Like all tables, glass tables can only hold so much weight. If your table broke after being stacked high with books and nicknacks, the heavy load was probably the cause. To prevent this from happening to your table you can check with the manufacturer to see if they have a prescribed weight limit, or you can just avoid putting too much weight on the table at once. When choosing a table, keep in mind that the thicker the glass the more weight the table will be able to hold. 

Thermal Stress

Hot temperatures cause glass to expand, and cold temperatures cause it to contract. Over time continual drastic temperature changes can cause the glass in your table to weaken to the point where any pressure or slight damage could cause it to break. 

Imperfections With the Frame

If the frame holding up your glass table has any irregularities or imperfections it could cause the sheet of glass to shift and break. Additionally, if the frame was not built adequately, over time the glass could bind to it making it more likely that the glass will eventually crack. 

Imperfections in the Glass

Sometimes glass can spontaneously break due to tiny imperfections within. This happens when metal contaminants are accidentally mixed into the glass, creating nickel sulfide inclusions. The tempering process can cause these inclusions to expand, and over time this expansion can weaken the glass to a breaking point. 

Damage to Tempered Glass

Most tables are made of tempered glass, which is glass that has been heat treated and cooled, resulting in the outside of the glass going into compression and the inside going into tension. Because tempered glass is under such high pressure, simple things like a nick, scratch, or even sudden temperature change can cause it to shatter unexpectedly. There is a plus side to using tempered glass, when it shatters it breaks into smaller, duller pieces than typical glass, making it safer to use. This is why car windows and glass doors are standardly made of tempered glass. 

Repairing a Glass Table

If your table has broken it may or may not be repairable depending on the type and extent of the damage. Smaller chips and cracks toward the edge of the table may be able to be fixed, however, a shattered table is likely damaged beyond repair. If you think your glass table could be salvageable, contact a professional and see if repair is possible. 

Contact Murray Glass If you’re looking for a glass table or need to replace a broken one, contact Murray Glass today. We offer beautiful custom glasswork to suit whatever your needs may be. Schedule your free consultation today, we serve the Salt Lake City, Utah, area and surrounding cities of West Jordan, South Jordan, and more.

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