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Myths About Windows

The three biggest myths about windows are: upgrading your windows is too expensive, going energy-efficient is a scam and the job will take too long.

A reputable glass installation and repair shop works within a homeowner’s budget, and today’s green models offer a much sweeter ROI than first-generation efficient windows.

Are you putting off a great upgrade because of false information?


Cost is a big issue for anyone, and replacing scores of windows can certainly add up. However, if your windows are over a decade old, keeping them might be costing you just as much as you could be saving with new, energy efficient windows!

“Green windows” are an investment that requires a higher upfront cost than other type of window, but they return that investment many times over in energy savings.

Still don’t feel comfortable replacing windows en masse? Prioritize your windows and rooms. Start with the most-used rooms like the master bedroom, kitchen and living room. You can always save that guest bedroom you never use for later (just close off the room when not in use to save even more).

Windows and Siding: A Dynamic Duo?

Another myth: You have to tear down siding to install new windows. A good window installation company or contractor should be able to easily swap out windows or install new ones without damaging siding at all.

In some rare instances, windows may not be standard sizes. This can be true in very old homes, or in custom homes. Talk to your window installation company about unique window size/shape concerns. They should do everything possible to prevent siding issues.

Who Needs Energy-Efficient Windows?

Everybody does! Energy Star windows and appliances clearly state how much they’ll save you in coming years. Make sure you take a close look at your energy bills, too, to see how much you save. Those can be easy to overlook, especially if you’re on auto pay.

Keep in mind that Energy Star is a government-controlled program that approves and rates windows and appliances. It’s not a company or agency with any interest in profiting from unreasonable claims. Plus, you might qualify for a tax credit when installing Energy Star products, but always ask a CPA first.

Ready for an upgrade? Contact Murray Glass for all your window needs.

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