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Pros and Cons of Glass Tabletops

Pros and Cons of Glass Tabletops
You know the effect that interior glass doors and exterior glass doors can have on your home. They offer a sophistication that can’t be achieved any other way. They also help to provide your home with amazing amounts of light. If you are a fan of using glass for doors both inside and outside your home, consider using glass for other spaces inside your home as well. Why not incorporate glass into your tabletops? Here are the pros and cons of glass tabletops.


Like your glass doors, one of the obvious pros of a glass tabletop is that it is going to create a very open feel in your room while allowing plenty of light to enter the entire space.

When you choose a glass tabletop for your home, you still have the functional space of a table without the bulk of a large wood tabletop. A piece that would have previously felt like it takes up the majority of a room can now finish the space while also making it feel more open.

Also like your glass doors, there is an undeniable class and sophistication that comes with glass pieces. Your glass tabletop also allows you to showcase other parts of your room, whether that be the materials used for the legs of your table or unique pieces that sit atop your glass tabletop.


Like anything made of glass, it can break. Besides taking care that it doesn’t break completely, you also need to make sure that it doesn’t scratch or chip. You’ll have a hard time fixing scratches or chips, and if you do get them in your tabletop you’ll likely have to replace it. You’ll want to be careful with the things you put on it and you may need to buy extra supplies like pads, coasters, or placemats to go under hard surfaces you wish to put on top.

One of the other cons of having a glass tabletop is the maintenance. Smudges and fingerprints will be visible so you’ll have to be diligent in your cleaning.

Safety can also be an issue if you have small children around. Glass edges on tabletops can be sharp. And if the tabletop were to somehow break, broken glass could pose a real threat to those who do not know how to deal with it.

If you’re not sure you want a completely glass tabletop, you can go with a glass top on your wood table. This will give your table some protection while giving your room the sophistication that comes with glass. Your glass tabletop will also be less likely to break with the support of the wood underneath. It is a good way to get the best of both worlds if you’re not ready to commit to a completely glass tabletop.

Whether you’re looking for a glass tabletop, interior glass doors, frosted glass doors for your bathroom, or maybe some etched glass french doors, you want to make sure you’re getting quality glass installed by professionals. Murray Glass in Salt Lake City’s leader for all things glass. For any of your glass and mirror needs, whether commercial or residential, give Murray Glass a call.


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