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Scratched Glass Table? Here’s How to Polish It

How To Polish Scratched Glass Table? | Murray Glass

Glass furniture can give your home a classy, timeless look, but a scratched glass table can hinder its aesthetic.

Whether you have obvious, deep scratches or just a few scuffs, there are many remedies that take little effort and know-how. If you’re ready to bring life back into your beautiful glass table, keep reading to learn a few easy strategies that will eliminate pesky abrasions.

Paste Wax

Paste wax is a product that has been used for centuries to smooth out wood furniture. Most people don’t think to use it on glass, but it can be very effective at filling in minor scratches. Apply a thin layer of the product, let it dry, and then buff it with a clean cloth. If the scratches are shallow enough, the wax will fill the divots and help light reflect off the surface creating a smooth look.

Metal Polish

Another easy and effective way to reduce superficial scratches is to buff them out with some common household products. First, clean the surface with glass cleaner and gently rub in a metal polish using a soft cloth. It might take more than one attempt to get the desired result.


Toothpaste makes a great polishing agent for remedying a scratched glass table. The same abrasive qualities that remove stains from your teeth can be quite effective in rubbing out nicks. After cleaning the table surface with a glass cleaner, dab a small amount of toothpaste on the scratch. Apply gentle circular movements until you’re pleased with the results.

Jeweler’s Rouge

Jeweler’s rouge is a compound developed by the jewelry trade to buff and shine precious metals such as gold and silver. This product can have the same effect on glass. You can find it just about anywhere jewelry is sold in stores or online. Simply apply the rouge to any scuffs and scratches and watch them quickly vanish.

Scratch Repair Products

Specially designed scratch repair products, such as a glass polishing kit, are an excellent solution for removing stubborn scratches. These kits work by using an electric drill to buff out the imperfections. Just attach the polishing pad to the drill and refine the table using the cleaning solution provided.

Clear Nail Polish

Clear nail polish is used in various house hacks, and repairing scratched glass is no exception. This easy DIY trick might be just the thing to get rid of those pesky abrasions once and for all. To use it, lightly paint over the scratch, wait for it to dry, and the scratch will disappear just as fast as it emerged.

Choose Murray Glass for All Your Glass Needs

Now that you know how to fix your scratched glass table, you’re ready to admire your furniture again. If you’re looking to add glass tabletops to your home, Murray Glass is here for you! Contact us today to schedule a free consultation for all of your custom glass needs. We serve the Salt Lake City, Utah, area, including Layton, Sandy, West Jordan, Draper, and more!

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