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Should You Remove That Broken Window Yourself?

It happens just like the movies; the kids are out in the yard playing ball when all of a sudden one of them scores a home-run hit. The ball goes shooting into the air headed straight for your home. Before you know it, you’re left with a gaping hole in one of your windows.

Of course there are many ways to get a broken window, but there are only a few ways of dealing with it. Should you remove that broken window yourself? Or, is it better to call a glass expert?

A few years ago, removing a broken window and reinstalling a new one may have been a no-brainer. But with the sheer amount of window frames on the market home owners are less likely to have the skills needed to do it themselves. Window frames made of wood, metal, and composite materials…(not to mention single, double, insulated, low-E window panes and more) require an installer  who is knowledgeable enough to handle these different materials precisely for the window to be fixed properly.

When your windows aren’t installed properly you risk several different important factors. First, if you have any kind of warranty on your windows, you may make it void by attempting to treat a broken window yourself. Secondly, if it is not done correctly, your window may not be able to properly keep out the cold or keep the heat in. This loss of energy efficiency can really hurt you in the long run when your utility bills run higher and higher. Lastly, unless you really know what you’re doing you may hurt yourself when dealing with a broken windows. Save yourself a trip to the emergency room and unnecessary medical bills and call a glass expert.

Murray Glass of Salt Lake City is the area’s leader for not only your home windows, but your glass, mirror and business needs.  Whether it be fixing a broken window, replacing your cheap bedroom doors with something more sophisticated (like an interior door with glass panel), or perhaps your business needs a new full glass exterior door, Murray Glass is there for you.

Have you been eyeing some decorative interior doors at Lowe’s, but you aren’t in love with every detail of it? Murray Glass offers custom glass so that you can add a piece to your home that is completely original and totally you. Whether you dream up a custom etched glass doors designs, or shower doors, or tabletops, Murray Glass can make it happen.

If you’ve called Murray Glass about your glass repair but are worried about the safety of your family in the meantime, you may want to do a little cleanup before Murray Glass arrives. Here’s what you’ll want to do….

Start with a pair of very heavy gloves. You’ll be dealing with the broken glass and you’ll need to protect yourself. Carefully remove the precarious pieces of glass that may easily fall from the window. If you feel you need to remove the stubborn glass, a heat gun will help to soften the glue holding it in place. Next, use some cardboard or thick paper to seal your window temporarily until Murray Glass arrives to handle your glass repair.

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