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Should You Repair or Replace Your Windows?

Should You Repair Or Replace Your Windows

When considering whether to repair or replace your windows, you must first find out which option is going to provide the most value for your money.


Different scenarios require different remedies. Take a look at our recommendations for some common window problems.

When the Glass Is Cracked

Do you have to replace your window when only one pane of glass is damaged?

If the window is small and inexpensive to replace, it’s probably your most cost-effective option. If it’s going to cost a pretty penny to restore an antique or heavy-duty frame, glass repair is the better, cheaper option.

When the Seal Is Broken

You’re noticing fog on the glass and between the panes. No matter what you do, the condensation remains. What does this mean?

Heat causes window seals to expand and contract. When this happens repeatedly over time, it eventually ruins the seal’s insulating qualities.

Plenty of quick-fix products are on the market that promise to erase all traces of window fog, but these products yield limited degrees of success. You’re not going to solve the problem until the window seals are replaced. This is an affordable repair that’s worth the time and money, especially if the windows are otherwise in good condition.

When the Frame Is Rotting

Your wood window frames can rot if they weren’t treated correctly, weren’t maintained or if they’re constantly exposed to moisture, like if they’re in the path of a sprinkler, or shaded by foliage that prolongs drying time after a rain.

If there’s only one area of rot, you may be able to salvage the rest of the window and frame with a repair. But replace your windows if the frame is rotten through and through.

When You’re Losing Energy

If your energy bills are skyrocketing, it may be due to leaky windows. Try sealing air leaks first. If this doesn’t help and your home energy assessment is pointing to them as the culprit, it might be time to replace them with energy-efficient windows.

When Your Windows Are Already Old

You should replace your windows if they aren’t outfitted with safety glass, which is the case in many old homes. If the window breaks, you must contend with sharp shards. But with modern safety glass, the window simply crumbles harmlessly when damaged.

If you have any of the problems listed above and your windows are dingy, outdated and single-paned, call Murray Glass. Depend on the best glass technicians around to replace your windows.

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