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Glass Shower Door Care Tips

You want to choose a shower door that’s easy to care for and will stand up against even the longest, most demanding showers (like when you’re washing off after your Warrior Dash mud run).

Today’s shower glass is safety glass, meaning that if it ever breaks, which is rare, it shatters into gummy pieces instead of shards. However, not all glass shower doors are created equally.

If you’re debating between framed and non-framed shower doors, rest easy knowing that both are extremely durable. You don’t need a frame for added security, because frameless shower doors are designed to be extra heavy, but light to operate.

All of today’s shower glass is tempered safety glass, so don’t feel like you need to pay a premium solely for glass quality. In terms of safety and sheer quality, all shower doors are comparable.

What About Shower Door Style?

Your shower door style selection can get tricky when it comes to maintenance. A lot of people love the clean look of un-etched, clear shower doors because they let in a lot of light, are timeless and go with any aesthetic.

However, they come at a cost, and it’s charged with sweat equity. Extremely picky homeowners might find themselves wiping down the doors with a squeegee to get rid of spots and streaks.

If you have hard water in your home, those spots can get extremely annoying and difficult to remove. Homeowners who love the look of clear glass but hate spots and streaks should spend a few extra seconds after each shower keeping their shower doors looking like new.

A quick wipe with a squeegee or microfiber cloth followed by a dose of daily shower cleanser will do the trick.

Some popular shower door cleansers include Tilex Daily Shower Cleaner and Method Daily. You also can make your own by mixing in equal parts rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide, a dash of liquid dish soap and some liquid dish rinse. Voila! Put it in a pretty squirt bottle and you’re good to go.

Shower Doors That Hide Spots

Daily upkeep should be quick and simple, but some people prefer to skip that step, and that’s when etched and sandblasted shower doors come in handy. Choose from a variety of styles including rainfall, fogged (to varying degrees), or even a customized etching or sandblasting.

You can make the glass as opaque as you like, which is a great way to add a little extra privacy. Privacy is a must for some shared bathrooms, and filtering a lot of natural light can give bathrooms a more intimate and relaxed vibe.

Most importantly, make sure you have a reputable glass repair company at the ready in case of emergencies. Call Murray Glass, your around-the-clock shower door repair experts, for the highest quality repair and replacement.

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