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Shower Door Glass Options

Shower Door Glass Options

Clear shower door glass is a classic that will never go out of style, but what if you want something a little different?

High Definition (HD) glasses has all the same benefits of clear shower doors, including easy maintenance and letting in as much light as possible, but comes with less iron content and a minimal green tint to offer incredible clarity. It looks truly colorless, allowing your tiles and fixtures to take center stage. HD is basically clear glass on steroids, and a great pick for master bathrooms.

With frosted glass, you get a little more privacy, which is critical for some people who use shared bathrooms. The look is created via acid etching onto clear glass, resulting in an evenly smooth appearance that feels like satin on one side.

Soft light is admitted through frosted glass so you don’t lose all the brightness of the bathroom. As an added bonus, it doesn’t show streaks or water spots easily, making it ideal for bathrooms that don’t get daily wipe-downs.

Make Your Shower an Oasis

Rain glass has sustained its popularity since it was first introduced a few decades ago. It’s exactly what it sounds like: A pane of glass that looks like rain, an effect achieved by having crystal patterns embedded into it.

Like frosted panes, you enjoy a soft light and some amount of visibility, but you also get privacy. Again, just one side is patterned, so you have a smooth side and a slightly bumpy side. Many homeowners love this glass because it hides small stains, water marks, and fingerprints.

Your shower glass retailer might have a slew of other options available, but most are modifications of frosted or rain glass. However, if you prefer to embrace your darker side while in this room, choosing a gray or bronze glass is a unique touch.

These panes are tinted to allow for a little less light transmission and some added privacy. The different hue options allow you to choose one that will complement any type of tile, backsplash or countertop.

Safeguard Your Investment

Choosing a shower door beyond the standard framed clear glass comes at a premium to the homeowner. Frameless shower doors require special balancing, and any frosted, rain or tinted glass is going to cost a little more than clear.

Keeping these panes protected, clean and sanitized is critical, and that includes having a glass repair shop you can count on. Just like your car’s windshield, it’s often quicker and more affordable to repair shower glass rather than replace it.

If you notice any chips, cracks or signs of trouble, call your local glass repair shop immediately and avoid using the bathroom (and especially the shower) until an expert has examined it. Creaking sounds, doors that don’t open/close easily, and those that are off their tracks are all red flags.

Call Murray Glass if you suspect your glass shower door might need attention.

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