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Shower Glass Door Options

If you’ve ever shopped for shower doors, you know how many options there are!

Do you want clear glass or “rain glass”? Frameless or round? Bypass doors, neo-angle or pivot? And if you do go frameless, just how high should you go?


The choices are limitless, but your budget might dictate some of them.

“Rain glass” was especially popular in the 1980s because it gave homeowners a sense of privacy. Even if someone came into the bathroom while you were showering, your privacy was still maintained, thanks to the opaque glass.

However, these days that style can look dated, and homeowners are more interested in clear glass that can make bathrooms look cleaner and bigger (plus, we’ve all learned the importance of locking bathroom doors).

First Glass

In terms of shower door shape, that also largely will be decided by your existing bathroom dimensions. But if you’re completely remodeling or building a home, you can customize these options.

Neo-angle and round doors certainly make statements, but they also require a little extra room that some homeowners don’t want to give.

Pivot doors (one panel that opens outward) can seem a little more luxurious than your standard bypass (sliding doors), and often come just at a nominal additional fee.

The big decision many are facing is standard framed shower doors vs. frameless. Frameless doors can go virtually as high as you want, even to soaring 20-plus-foot bathroom ceilings, but they all come at a price. Frameless showers can be up to three times as expensive as framed showers, making them a definite splurge.

Choosing for Safety

Is a certain type of glass or shower frame safer than others? Not really, considering today’s advances in glass and framing.

If it’s safety you’re after, any modern shower glass and frame from a reputable company will keep you and your family safeguarded. Safety glass is now the norm, so that if glass should break (which is rare), it will result in dull, gummy pieces that aren’t dangerous.

However, some homeowners prefer a wider shower opening, especially if someone in the home has a disability or mobility issue. In some cases, luxury showers might have no glass at all! Choosing an extra-wide pivot door instead of a bypass, round or neo-angle gives you a little more room to get in and out of the shower.

Homeowners with children might prefer a soft-close, pivot-style door rather than a bypass to avoid glass getting slammed when the kids are done sudsing up.

Choosing shower glass and door styles is a personal preference. Having a glass repair service shop that’s open 24/7 should go hand in hand with choosing your shower design. It’s rare for shower glass to break, but just in case, keep Murray Glass’ number saved in your phone so you can call for help with any cracks, chips or breaks.

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