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Shower Doors Need Replacing?

Shower Doors Need Replacing

Many shower doors are the focal points in bathrooms. What does a cracked, scratched, foggy or dirty door say about you and your home?

Shower doors don’t always come from the manufacturer equipped with a proper sealant. Glass is actually a porous material, even though it doesn’t seem like it. It has pores that can capture dirt, grime, soap scum and everything else you think gets washed down the drain. Even a shower door in a studio that serves just one person can get dingy or damaged.

Replacing or repairing shower doors is one of the best ways to instantly improve the aesthetics of any bathroom. Unfortunately, unless a door is seriously damaged, with cracked glass or worse, homeowners may not notice their slow deterioration. Soap scum gets embedded in the glass over time, and tiny chips and hairline cracks are easy to overlook.

Does your glass need some TLC? It’s time to take a closer look.

Quality Control

Unless your doors are intentionally fogged, opaque or etched, they should look completely clear. Brand new, clear doors are flawless. If you’re scrubbing and cleaning to no avail, that might be a sign the glass wasn’t sealed well upon installation or wasn’t maintained, and that replacement is in order.

Quality glass repair shops can recommend the strategy that’s best for you and your budget. You’ll be surprised by what a professional treatment can do. Repairing cracks and dings is often possible, even with severe damage. Returning the glass to its original luster might also be possible with professional tools.

Repair or replace? That’s a decision to be made with a glass repair pro.

Common Causes of Damage

One of the biggest shower door issues is simply that they look grimy. Bathrooms are warm, moist places — breeding grounds for mold and bacteria. Plus, homeowners rarely deep clean their shower doors. That small section of your home where all the scrubbing, exfoliating, shaving, and shampooing takes place is the ideal setting for buildup. Ignore it long enough, and that neglect will show.

Today’s shower doors are made with safety glass and are durable, but that wasn’t the case a few decades ago. A slip and fall in the shower can lead to damage, especially with older doors. Shattered or cracked glass or even a sharp chip are dangerous in bathrooms. Replacing older glass with a new, durable piece can help keep your family safe — and your bathroom’s doors in one piece.

Whether you have shower door glass that needs repairs, are considering replacing the glass or simply want a professional’s opinion on glass quality, make sure you rely on experts with a solid reputation. Contact Murray Glass for all your shower glass needs (and more!) in the Salt Lake City area.

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