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Sliding Glass Doors: What You Should Know About?

Sliding Glass Doors: What You Should Know About?
Looking to improve your home? Sliding glass doors are a great investment. Sliding Glass Doors bring in natural light, make space feel more open, provide a beautiful backdrop to any space, and great air flow. For these reasons and more, sliding glass doors can add to the value of your home. Sliding glass doors are sleek and modern addition that can greatly benefit your home’s design and function.

Custom Sizes

No matter where you want to install your sliding glass doors, we can customize the size to fit it. Unlike traditional swinging doors, sliding doors do not need clearance to open. Sliding doors aren’t as restricted when it comes to the surrounding space. There are some standards sizes, but they are also customizable. If you think it may not be possible with your space, contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

Different Styles

Customize your sliding glass doors to fit you and your space. Whether you want two, three, or four panels, or double or triple pane may depend on your space. How big is your door going to be? This may impact how many panels you want. How thin do you want those panels to be? If you want to be sure to conceal all the effects of the weather outside, you may want to invest in more a thicker window pane. There are plenty of options for widths, heights, and custom sizes. As for handle options, there are even more options—different styles and materials. Whether you want to go with gold, chrome, black nickel, silver, custom hardware, or something else, you’re sure to find something you like.

Better Air Circulation

Ventilation is extremely beneficial to a house. Indoor air quality can be tricky to regulate. When your air isn’t properly ventilated, it can mean mold growth, stagnant air, foul smells, and an overall stuffy feeling. This can lead to coughing, shortness of breath, and other respiratory problems. Not to mention, mold damage. Installing glass doors in your home give you an optimal opportunity for prime cross ventilation. You can easily increase air flow with a simple slide of the door.

Optimizing Your Space

Sliding glass doors are a compact design that can optimize your space. It will take the same amount of space, whether closed or open, so it won’t take up much space at all. Plus, it opens up space. This large window like structure makes space feel larger. It can showcase a beautiful backyard, open up to a patio or deck, or just give you quick access to outside. Either way, your space can experience a decent upgrade with the addition of a sliding glass door. Even without opening the glass door, it will help space seem larger, but then opening it up will actually make it larger!

To learn more about sliding glass door options and what they may look like in your house, contact us at Murray Glass today!


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