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Sliding Vs. Pull Glass Shower Door

Sliding Vs. Pull Glass Shower Door
There are many wonderful things about having a new bathroom; you get to start from scratch and choose the exact layout that makes the most sense for your home, you’ll get a fresh coat of paint, and get to pick out all of the hardware.

The other great thing is that it is the best time to customize your shower and create the oasis your bathroom is meant to be. But all of these things come with many considerations and decisions.

When it comes to your shower door, you may have a hard time deciding just which interior glass doors are best for your bathroom — sliding or pull glass doors.

These are both great options and come with their own pros and cons. Here’s a closer look at sliding vs pull glass shower doors.

Sliding Glass Shower Door

Sliding, or bypass, shower doors are on a single track and slide from side to side to allow entry into your shower. Traditionally they have tracks on the bottom and two vertical sides, but there are other options out there which include trackless sliding doors and even frameless. Some of the biggest advantages of sliding shower doors are that they are great for small spaces where you don’t want to take up space with a hinged door.  If you choosing sliding doors, you’ll get a nice clean look and will get plenty of light reflecting throughout your bathroom without any obstructions (especially if you choose a frameless option).

When you have sliding glass doors, you’ll usually have handles that run the length of your shower door. These bars provide for functional space in your bathroom to hang towels. This is another added benefit of having a sliding glass door in a smaller bathroom space.

Sliding shower doors also allow access to the tub/shower from either side, which gives you more access to the space.

Some of the disadvantages of choosing sliding for your interior glass doors is that the bottom tracks are hard to clean. They easily collect water, grime, mildew, and even rust that will need to be cleaned out.  

Pull Glass Shower Door

Whether you’re looking for frosted glass door for your bathroom or a standard clear glass, here are some of the advantages of a pull shower door. First, they offer a large, unobstructed opening. Most sliding doors are part of a shower/tub combo, which means you need to step into the tub to get in. But pull shower doors open at least 90 degrees, have a wide opening, and usually don’t have anything you need to step over to enter the shower. Because there is no track, pull doors are easy to clean. And perhaps the best part of a pull door is that it creates an overall look that is very appealing. A frameless pull door will allow you to showcase the walls and shower without being distracted by lots of hardware.

Some of the cons of a pull shower door are that they are less waterproof than a sliding glass door and may allow water to get on the floor. The other disadvantage is that they don’t work great for small bathrooms. The pull door needs to be able to open outward which means you’ll have to have more space in front of the door.

Whether you’re looking for sliding or pull, frosted glass interior bathroom doors or custom etched glass interior doors, be sure that you’re getting your glass from the glass experts of Salt Lake City, Murray Glass.


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