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Soap Scum on Your Shower Doors? Here’s What to Do

What To Do with Soap Scum on Your Shower Doors

After a few weeks of showering every day, you end up with soap scum on your shower doors. Yuck! It’s as unsightly as it is annoying. 

Your beautiful custom shower doors have just been installed, and you couldn’t be happier. We’ve been there, soap scum can make even the most luxurious shower doors look dingy and dated.

So, how can you fix it?  

What is Soap Scum? 

First, let’s address what soap scum is, and why you get soap scum on your shower doors. Soap scum occurs when soap mixes with hard water, which is full of minerals like magnesium carbonate and calcium. This mixture leaves behind a residue that can seep into porous glass and, if left untreated, begin to corrode the glass leaving behind permanent damage. You can visit our previous blog post, 5 Cleaning Hacks to Keep Your Shower Doors Soap Scum Free, for preventative tips on how to stop soap scum from accumulating in the first place. 

Do-It-Yourself Solutions

Luckily, you can make a couple of easy, all-natural remedies for soap scum on your shower doors right in your kitchen. 

Citrus Spray

This first remedy will leave your shower doors squeaky clean and smelling fresh. The acid in lemon juice breaks down the bacteria and dirt found in soap scum, making this a natural and effective solution.  

  • Mix three tablespoons of lemon juice with one cup of water. 
  • Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and spray your shower door and frame, if you have one.
  • Let the spray sit for at least five minutes. 
  • Wipe the solution away with a sponge, then buff your shower doors to a shine with a microfiber cloth. 

Vinegar and Dish Soap

This second recipe can break down even the worst of soap scum on your shower doors. The dish soap works to break down grease while the vinegar further dissolves residue and leaves behind a shiny finish. 

  • Mix one part distilled vinegar and one part dish detergent in a spray bottle and spray on your shower windows and frame. 
  • Let the solution sit for at least 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Scrub the area clean with a cloth. 

For additional at-home remedies for dealing with soap scum, visit our previous blog post on how to remove soap scum from glass shower doors

What to Look for in a Cleaning Solution

If you don’t have the time or supplies to whip up a solution at home, look for store-bought cleaning products that contain N-alkyl dimethyl ethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides, N-alkyl dimethyl ammonium chlorides, or sulfamic acid. These active ingredients break down soap scum quickly and effectively and are a convenient choice for those looking to pick up a pre-made option.   

Let Murray Glass Help

If soap scum has caused unsightly corrosion on your shower doors, schedule a consultation with us and let us get your bathroom back to looking like the luxurious space you deserve. Additionally, if you have any questions regarding shower door care, including how to deal with soap scum on your shower doors, contact the experts at Murray Glass today. We serve Salt Lake, Weber, and Summit Counties in Utah.

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