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The 5 Top Modern Glass Wall Ideas

The 5 Top Modern Glass Wall Ideas

As you look for fresh new updates to your home or workplace, it may be time to consider a modern glass wall.

Glass is a timeless and functional material to use in your home, but we want you to look beyond the common glass features of windows and shower doors. What more can you do with glass?

The 5 Top Modern Glass Wall Ideas

1. Glass Exterior Wall

If your home is located in a beautiful area, why not showcase the view with a full glass wall? Instead of large windows or glass doors looking out over a gorgeous landscape or breathtaking sunsets, replacing the entire wall with glass creates an unparalleled effect. Not only can you see the gorgeous view without limits, you also create the illusion of extra space and bring in the greatest possible natural light. Framing, sills, and grilles can add character and color, or opt for huge and unimpeded glass openings.

2. Glass Dividing Walls

Pony walls are partial walls designed to divide spaces or act as a railing for stairs, patios, and loft areas. Instead of boring drywall or outdated wood banisters, consider a glass dividing wall. This modern look helps you maintain the space and boundaries you need safely while also opening up the space and providing a clean, modern look.

3. Frosted Interior Wall

One of the strongest reactions we hear about glass walls is a concern for privacy. Frosted, etched, or tinted glass is an excellent choice for interior walls, such as those for an office. Frosted glass helps diffuse light, which can actually make a dark room appear bigger and brighter. A glass interior wall can also be the perfect solution to a room that is far too long, providing a divider to create a new room.

4. Sunroom

Sunrooms are coming back in a major way. Adding a sunroom off a wing of your home is a quick way to add square footage and extra entertaining space. The glass walls can provide open sunlight or privacy, depending on the glass and finish you use. Create a year-round garden or a modern entertaining space—it’s up to you.

5. Glass Dressing Screen

One modern way to use glass in your home is to add a glass dressing screen to a room that needs more privacy. For example, a large master suite could utilize a panel of etched glass to partially separate the bed from the rest of the room, or to section off areas of a walk-in closet. The glass helps the space feel bigger even with a division, but doesn’t prevent movement and communication.

Murray Glass is the Expert in Modern Glass

 Murray Glass’s custom glass solutions can make your home feel bigger, cleaner, and more modern. We work closely with our clients to make custom arrangements to meet specific needs and design goals. From shower doors, to windows, to modern glass walls, we’re ready to tackle your next project.

We serve Salt Lake, Summit, Weber, Tooele, and Utah counties. Reach out to see what we can do for you.

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