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The Benefits of Commercial Glass to Display Products

The Benefits of Commercial Glass to Display Products

One of the most popular uses of commercial glass is for display cases, and with good reason. Glass goes with everything, acting as the veritable little black dress of display cases. However, it is also clear and able to reflect nearby colors, making any space seem larger and often brighter. Glass is also relatively easy to clean, which is critical for many retail locations that want to showcase their goods with minimal extra work. Glass has long been the go-to material for many industries’ casing needs, outlasting alternative trends such as black lacquer or mirrored shelves.

Nothing’s wrong with using mirrored shelves, except their tendency to collect fingerprints and smudges like Pokemon cards. Lacquered shelving also had a short heyday, but quickly looked dated and, in darker colors, makes space look smaller. Glass can be prone to fingerprints, too, but on a much smaller scale than mirrors and other materials. Additionally, it is incredibly durable and can withstand chips and cracks even in a high-traffic environment.

A Touch of Glass

While glass display shelves and cases are popular in nearly every industry, they are particularly favored in high-end retail stores, perfumeries and jewelry stores. Commercial glass has a tendency to fade into the background, letting the product take the spotlight—which is exactly what it should be doing. Glass can certainly be a showstopper, such as when it’s used as a wall or feature in a commercial environment, but it is also diverse and can complement other materials or goods.

Business owners looking for the best way to show off their products come back to glass again and again. You likely see it in your salon or holding up luxury shoes in department stores. It is a surprisingly tough material and, in shelving or display cases, is designed to bolster up a significant amount of weight. It can also be customized to perfectly fit any retail store, from massive showrooms to tiny kiosks. Etching is another option to give glass a little something extra and reduce visibility of dust or smudges.

On Display

Merchandisers and commercial interior designers agree that glass is one of the most popular and appealing materials for highlighting products. It is relatively affordable, quick and easy to clean, and can withstand major traffic—even during Black Friday sales. It can come tinted, in a variety of thicknesses and can even be customized to reflect your company’s brand.

Your customers want to see your goods, so make sure they can take everything in without any distractions. Commercial glass can help your displays in a number of ways, beginning with propping up your merchandise. Turn to Murray Glass of Salt Lake City for all your residential and commercial glass needs. Their professionals can help you install crystal-clear commercial glass cases for display that are beautiful and durable at the same time.

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