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The Importance of Mirrors in Business

The Importance of Mirrors in Business


Savvy business owners who install mirrors in a commercial space aren’t just benefitting from the illusion of more space and light. According to a recent study by Simple Skincare, a British company, the majority of women say they are “compelled to consistently check their appearance” throughout the day. Ten percent of the 2,000 British women surveyed noted that they used a compact mirror a minimum of 10 times per day. The women largely reported checking for embarrassing stowaways, such as that spinach from lunch, or fixing hair/makeup. The 2014 survey revealed 66 percent of women thought going to work with no makeup was just as stressful as a first date or job interview.

In fact, 70 percent of women said they would never go to work without makeup, and 31 percent claimed they wouldn’t even go to the gym for a workout without makeup. However, even with all the apparent mirror adoration, 75 percent of respondents also said they “hate looking in the mirror,” and 39 percent were aware that checking a mirror dinged their confidence levels. Even with those figures, the majority of women said the social pressures of looking attractive made them feel forced to analyze themselves in mirrors. What does this mean for mirrors in business?

The Lingering Effect

Love them or loathe them, humans have narcissistic tendencies and will often linger or even stop and examine themselves when a mirror is present. Although the study did not include men, mirrors attract the attention of both genders. In business, particularly industries such as retail shops in which the goal is to get consumers to stay as long as possible, mirrors can be a great attention holder. However, mirrors in spaces such as offices also can be beneficial.

For example, businesses that want their employees—both male and female—to sustain a certain level of professionalism can do so by offering a literal reflection throughout the day. The survey found that checking mirrors encouraged people to improve their appearance, whether it was re-tying a messy ponytail or adjusting their attire.

The Best Tool for Stopping People

Businesses have long chased tools to capture attention and customers, but the human brain is adept at tuning out such tricks. Mirrors remain a siren that cannot be resisted, whether in business or in the home. The installation of mirrors in business, especially in strategic areas such as near impulse purchases, can hold consumers captive for longer.

As an added benefit, mirrors come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and price points. Customization is relatively simple, and they allow you to decorate a space in a way that will never go out of style. To find out how mirrors can help increase or improve your business, call Murray Glass today. They sell and install a full line of mirrors for both residential and commercial uses.

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