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The Many Advantages of Interior Glass Doors in the Workplace

The Many Advantages of Interior Glass Doors in the Workplace

Interior glass doors are beautiful, and add a stylish touch to any space. Keep reading to find out how glass doors can transform your workspace. 

A Modern Touch

Long gone are the days where dark, dingy, closed off cubicles are acceptable in the workplace. These days the ideal office space is bright, open, and airy. Glass doors are trendy, modern, and sleek. If you’re trying to stray away from the boring and traditional in your workspace, glass doors are the perfect way to bring a touch of 21st-century glamour into the office. 

Natural Light

One of the biggest benefits to glass doors is the additional natural light they bring into a space. If you have limited windows, glass doors are the perfect solution as they don’t block out light like regular doors, instead they allow it to shine from room to room and into spaces that don’t normally receive natural light. 

In addition to natural light’s aesthetic appeal, it 

They include:

  • Higher employee productivity and satisfaction levels
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Improved sleep
  • Fights off depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder 
  • A strengthened immune system

In addition to health benefits, more natural light can pad your wallet as well. Spaces with more natural light require less electricity on average in order to keep up with the demands of heating and cooling, which means a smaller utility bill. So if you’re ready for more natural light in your space, glass doors may just be the solution for you.

More Space

Statistically our offices are growing smaller, since 2010 the average square-footage of office space per employee has decreased by a third. Cramped offices promote poor mental health and can dampen creativity and quash productivity. However, if you’ve got a small workplace there’s no need to fret because interior glass doors can make even the smallest of offices feel open and bright, and give the illusion of more space.  Sliding glass doors in particular are great for small spaces as they slide on a track to open and close, meaning they take up far less space than their swinging counterparts. 

A Sense of Connection

Opaque walls and doors can close off an office space, making employees feel more isolated. By removing the visible barriers in your office space and implementing glass doors, you can change your company’s work culture in a number of unexpected ways. Your workspace will be more productive, collaborative, and more connected when your workers are able to visibly see one another and their team leaders. Glass doors will help to foster a better sense of teamwork, even while members of your team are in separate rooms.

Contact Murray Glass If you’d like the advantages that come along with installing interior glass doors in your workplace, contact the experts at Murray Glass today. We offer beautiful custom glasswork and installation for whatever your vision for your space may be. Call us to schedule your free consultation, we serve Murray and Salt Lake City, Utah. 

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