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Three Mirror Superstitions


Superstitions have been around for years. And while they may seems silly, they have been a way for many to explain the unexplainable. They also bridge the gap in time from ancient traditions and ancestry to today.

Superstitions are anything but outdated; in fact, they are alive and well today. You may even be a firm believer! There are many items in your home that can cause superstition, and one of them is your mirrors.

Like superstitions, mirrors have captured the attention of onlookers with fascination since their invention, which may be one reason why there is so much mystery and superstition surrounding them. Here are three mirror superstitions.

#1. Broken Mirror

The best known superstition regarding mirrors is of course a broken one. According to beliefs, when you break a mirror you’re destined for seven years of bad luck. So where does this belief come from? Ancient Romans believed human life renewed itself by mirroring the cycles of the moon — every seven years. The mirror is much more than a way to see what kind of hair day you’re having, it often believed to actually reflects your soul. It may even hold bits of your soul! When a mirror breaks, it also breaks or ruins the next seven years for the person who’s reflection the mirror held.

So what are you to do if you accidentally drop a mirror while getting ready, or one falls down in the hallway of your home and shatters? The good news is there are a few different ways to potentially counteract seven years of bad luck. The first, stemming from early american slaves is that the bad luck can be washed away by holding the pieces of broken glass in a south-flowing river for seven hours. If you don’t have that kind of time on your hands, you can grind the broken pieces until they no longer reflect your image.

#2. Stunted Growth

Victorian parents tried to keep their young ones away from mirrors. It was believed that if their reflection were to show on a mirror it would then trap their soul and stunt their growth! If it didn’t stunt their growth, they feared it could imprison their innocent soul and lead to their untimely death.  

#3. Lost Soul

Another prevalent superstition regarding mirrors has to do when a loved one dies and leaves this world. In the Jewish culture, mirrors are covered after a death of a loved one so that their journey to eternity is not interrupted by getting lost in a mirror’s reflection. For deaths with extenuating circumstances, mirrors are also covered so the departed won’t be able to hang around and find a body so that they can resolve any unfinished business.

If after breaking a mirror and taking the necessary steps to eliminate bad luck for the next seven years, give the glass and mirror experts at Murray Glass a call. They can set you up with a brand new mirror, and use a little extra precaution when securing it so you’ll be able to enjoy your reflection for many years to come.


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