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Three Reasons To Choose Glass

Three Reasons To Choose Glass

When it comes to your home there are so many routes you can take in terms of design, price, functionality, and materials. You can use your choices to transform an older home or create a new home with a unique taste. What does your home say about you? Could anyone be living there, or does it share your personality? 

Take a walk through your home and try to see it with an outsider’s eyes. What would they see? Is there a lot of white? Wood? Brick or stone? Is your style the modern farmhouse or a more classic contemporary look? Are there areas of your home that feel stale or dark? It could be time to consider adding glass to your home

1. Light

The first and most compelling reason to bring in glass to your home is the sheer amount of light it can bring into your home. This can be done with the addition of more windows, or larger windows anywhere on the exterior of your home. You can also incorporate glass into doors, both interior and exterior. Glass countertops for tables is another great way to choose glass. Glass can replace wood and give you amplified light in every room of your home.

2. Cleanliness

It’s difficult to surpass the clean look of glass. A quick wipe with a microfiber cloth and the occasional splash of glass cleaner will make glass sparkle and shine in a way you will never get with wood, brick, or even stone. If you’re concerned about a clean look or the ability to completely sterilize the surface of a table then glass might be the best possible option for you in your home or kitchen.

3. Style

Glass is a rapid way to bring a modern look to your home. The clean lines and sheen of glass is a fresh streak of modern in an outdated home. Lots of glass around your home even has a futuristic appeal. When it comes to your windows, you can go beyond your standard windows and introduce a statement window such as a bay window, or awning window. It can completely change the appearance of your home and create a unique talking point for visitors.

Glass can transform your home in so many ways, and it isn’t just for your mirrors and windows. Glass is a beautiful and affordable option for every single room in your home, and it can serve many different purposes. If you’re noticing places where you could benefit from more light, or you crave that bright and shiny clean look, or if you’re just tired of the dated style of your home, it’s time to consider new ways to bring the glass in as a major material in your space.

Murray Glass has proudly served Utah for years by supplying quality and custom glass for home projects of all types, and we’d love to help you solve a design or function problem in your home. 


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