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Tips To Keep Windows Secure

Tips to Keep Windows Secure

Having lots of big windows in your home or business is always considered a plus! Windows let in natural light, which has a host of aesthetic and health benefits, they make a space look larger and they can dramatically increase the value of a home or building.

However, not all windows are created equally, especially if your windows are old or not well-maintained. Tempered (safety) glass is relatively new, and while antique or vintage glass might have a lot of character, if it shatters, the results can be dangerous.

Windows with safety glass are a requirement in the United States now for new homes and renovations, but that tempered glass is just part of what’s keeping your home secure. You also need windows that are energy-efficient with panes thick enough to trap heat in the winter and cool air in the summer, particularly in Utah, where our weather runs the gamut.

An Energy Star-approved window might come with a tax perk, too, so talk to your CPA if you’re considering buying or replacing windows.

Window Safety Tips from the Law

Police departments know very well how important quality windows that are used correctly are in preventing burglaries. Windows can lock in a number of ways, but what’s more important than how they lock is to make sure locks are always engaged when the window is not in use.

All windows also should have screens — their purpose is for more than letting in a breeze. Screens can prevent stray balls and debris (such as during a windstorm) from cracking glass, and they’re also a minor but effective means of turning off burglars.

Some homeowners add bars to windows, particularly on the ground floors, for added safety. Bars can be effective, but make sure everyone in the home knows how to remove them quickly from the inside in case of a fire. Homes with children can especially benefit from home fire and earthquake drills.

However, in most cases, quality windows and locks are more than enough to keep your home secure.

Window Shopping

Many people don’t realize the number of options and styles of windows available until they build or renovate a house. Having grids on windows is considered upscale and attractive, especially on front windows. You can choose from a variety of square sizes and styles, go with a full or half paneling. Of course picture windows are a separate kind of luxury that are best kept grid-free.

In some instances, such as with accent windows, you might want to spring for stained glass or a special etching. However, oftentimes this glass doesn’t abide by your city, county or state’s regulations for window safety, which is why getting creative is only an option for accent windows.

You can dress up windows by playing with the frames, such as going for a thicker wood wrapping on the interior or adding shutters to the exterior.

Most importantly, always have a reputable window and glass repair company’s number in your phone. Murray Glass is Utah’s leading window repair company offering around-the-clock emergency services.

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