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Utah’s Leader in Glass Repair

Utah’s Leader in Glass Repair
Having glass in your home can provide many added benefits. When you have glass walls, doors, windows, or shelves, you create a unique space that is clean and open. Glass allows more light into an area. It also gives giving rooms an open feel with better flow. And as a bonus, glass can help create sound barriers, so your home can be the sanctuary you always intended it to be.

But all of this can change in an instant if the glass in your home breaks. No matter big or small, breaks, chips, or cracks in your glass can be frustrating and unsightly.  Not to mention the seven years of bad luck that go along with it! Just how do you go about fixing a crack in your glass shower door? It turns out, you’re actually in luck because the good news is there are professionals just waiting to repair your glass to it’s original condition — or better!

Murray Glass is not only the best in the business when it comes to providing and installing glass products, but they’re also Utah’s leader in glass repair. When you choose Murray Glass to handle your repairs, you can be confident that together, you’ll come up with the best course of action for your particular situation.

For example, in most cases, simply melting glass back together is typically more complicated and expensive than replacing the glass altogether. If the glass in your home is broken, a Murray Glass professional will help you to determine the cost of fixing your glass and compare the cost of adding new glass instead.

If it is a better value to move forward with new glass, you may be getting the better end of the deal! Rather than paying more to repair your old, outdated glass, you’ll get to update and upgrade the glass in your home…all for a cheaper bill! And when you pick out your new glass from Murray’s, you know you’ll be getting the best glass on the market. No matter what style you’re after, Murray’s got it or can design it. Either way, you can’t go wrong.

But what if that broken glass wasn’t just an old glass shelf? What it it was an heirloom piece, handed down from generation to generation? Not to worry. When something is more than just a piece of glass, Murray Glass will do all they can to restore your keepsake with the utmost care. They understand that sentimental pieces require extra attention and care, and that’s just what your special glass will receive in the hands of a Murray Glass expert.

Whether you decide to go with a new look, or you want to repair existing glass, let Murray Glass take care of the job for you. Residents from Utah to Weber county, and Summit to Tooele county can rely on Murray Glass for all of their glass needs.  


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