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Just like with shoes, vinyl windows can come in a plethora of qualities—there’s a big difference between Gucci shoes and the knockoffs from the teen store in the mall. The same is true with vinyl windows. Some windows feature “spiral balances,” which look good at first glance. However, you’ll soon find that they’re quite demanding. They’ll constantly need adjustments, can become cranky to open and generally make you wish you’d sprung for higher quality vinyl windows.

Choosing vinyl windows that feature only premium block and tackle balances means zero adjustments and seamless operation with the flick of a fingertip. Plus, with the addition of tilt-in sashes, you’ll no longer loathe window washing. It makes for a simple “wipe it clean” approach so you can move onto more challenging opponents (like tackling the grout in the bathroom).

Homeowner Pride

The appearance of your home is the frontline for curb appeal. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to sell or are sprucing up your dream home. Using second-rate vinyl quickly results in a subpar look with a blue tint. Opting for supreme vinyl promises slick designs that maximize glass surface areas. Mix in beautiful yet low profile hardware, and you’ll make the most of your views. The best vinyl windows are designed to last and eliminate help indoor temperature control, complete with multi-chamber designs that guarantee the most strength and endurance. And triple-pane vinyl windows will add to your home energy efficiency plans in a big way.

Quality vinyl will last a lifetime. When you have sills with minimal chambers (which is common with low-quality vinyl) performance issues are common. Going with a multi-chamber block and tackle balance means no lubrication, fuss or hassle. It’s easy being a smooth operator when you handpick the absolute best in windows.

The Other Guys

There are many ways to cut corners when designing vinyl windows. From low-grade materials to spiral aluminum balances, with every corner shaved off a bit more, windows become more difficult to open. This isn’t just annoying—it’s potentially dangerous. Often times, windows are a secondary escape route during a fire and if they’re tough to open anyway, imagine how impossible it might be during an emergency. Worse, children and elders might especially struggle in the “heat” of the moment.

Choosing a high quality vinyl window and complementing it with seamless installation is your ticket to peace of mind, easy cleaning and gorgeous windows for life. However, having the best doesn’t mean you have to overpay. A fair price can be yours when depending on a local business that takes pride in providing neighborly love and service.

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