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What A Glass Wall Can Do For Your Commercial Space

What A Glass Wall Can Do For Your Commercial Space
You may feel a lot of pressure when designing your commercial space. Your primary goal is to create an environment where whatever business you want to achieve can be done in an effective and comfortable setting. You also want to create an inviting space for employees and potential customers, as well as a space that looks good.

There are several things that can help you achieve this but one thing you should consider first and foremost is a glass wall. You may already have interior doors with glass panels, or even exterior glass doors, but there are several reasons why more glass, specifically a glass wall, is a great option to consider for your office.

Here’s what a glass wall can do for your commercial space.

More Light

Not only will you have more light and open feel in general, but if you have access to a good amount of natural light you’ll allow even more to enter your commercial space. If you’ve done much reading about productivity and worker happiness, you know how important natural light is for employees. Having access to bright light not only boosts morale but it will also eliminate the need for artificial lighting which could help you save some money!

An Open Culture

Another way to create a harmonious work environment is to cultivate an open environment. Having a more communal space for people to easily share ideas, communicate both for business and pleasure, and work side-by-side can both benefit employees as well as the good of the business. When you add glass walls to your commercial space you can create a feeling of comradery and inclusion that simply cannot be achieved with walls that would otherwise separate those in the office.


Because a glass wall can help you achieve an open culture in the workplace as well as create more natural light, adding a glass wall to your office space will instantly give you an added value. Glass walls are sought after for a variety of commercial uses, which means if you ever decide to sell your space you’ll have a value to bargain with that many other spaces might not have.

There are many benefits of adding a glass wall to your commercial space, but one of the most obvious is that it just looks good. It will give your commercial space a very clean look that is up-to-date, spacious, bright, and sophisticated. Sure, you can achieve this on a smaller scale with things like interior glass doors, or full exterior doors, or even custom etched glass doors with your company logo, but nothing gives you the flexibility and impact quite like glass walls.

If you’ve decided glass walls are the right option for your commercial space, choose a professional glass installer who specializes in both commercial and private work.

Murray Glass is Salt Lake City’s leader for all things glass — walls, windows, doors, and even mirrors. To update your commercial space and add light, value, and aesthetics give Murray Glass a call today.

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