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What are Accordion Glass Doors?

What Are Accordion Glass Doors?

Homeowners and business owners who are looking for ways to spruce up their property should consider accordion glass doors. Accordion glass doors, also known as folding glass and bi-folds, are made of tempered glass, are energy-efficient, and come in a variety of styles.

The Popularity of Glass Doors

Glass doors are hard to miss, especially because they’re skyrocketing in popularity. The demand for them has increased by 6.6% within the last three years, and the market is worth nearly $15 billion, according to a study by The Freedonia Group. This phenomenon is known as the door boom, which is driven by a customer’s desire for a big door that’s easy to maintain.

Find out if accordion glass doors are right for your home or business.

Make Your Home or Business Look Elegant

Accordion glass doors are a visually impressive way to blur the distinction between the indoors and outdoors. Multiple glass panel doors fold accordion-like on hinges, and they can be stored neatly on both sides. They’re appealing to homeowners because they provide a full opening that’s larger than almost every other type of door.

Most of your neighbors probably own traditional doors, so by choosing accordion glass doors, you’ll stand out and be the envy of others. If you’re a business owner, choosing them will make your business look classy and attractive to clients.

How Can My Home or Business Benefit from Accordion Glass Doors?

Accordion-style doors are perfect for people who:

  • Live in a warm area: Most people who live in a warm climate want to take advantage of the outdoors. Accordion doors make the outside an extension of your living or working space, which allows you to enjoy the weather.
  • Have a beautiful view: If your home or business is located next to a mountain or beach, or if you’re living in a penthouse with skyline views, then you probably peer out the window frequently. Chances are, you want these views to be the focal point of your indoor space. When you invest in accordion glass doors, you’ll no longer have to step outside to enjoy nature because they leave views nearly unobstructed.
  • Want to expand their space: Many people strategically use accordion glass doors to make small spaces look more prominent. They may prefer them over creating a larger floor plan because drafting a plan takes time and can be costly. On the other hand, installing a glass door is quicker and more cost-effective.
  • Are selling their house: If you’re in the process of selling your home, you’re likely working on renovations. Install accordion glass doors to boost your curb appeal and stand out from other properties on the market. You may even want to keep your house once you install these doors!

Contact Murray Glass

You won’t regret installing accordion glass doors; you’ll only regret not doing it sooner. If you’re ready to transform your home or office, Murray Glass has you covered. Our certified glass installers are here to take care of all your glass door, window, and mirror needs. Contact us today.


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