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What are the Most Common Mirror Glass Types for Home Decor?

The Most Common Mirror Glass Types for Home Decor?

Looking for an inexpensive way to add depth and enhance the beauty in your home? The right decorative mirror in the right place can increase your home’s aesthetic appeal. Learn about the most common types of mirror glass for an affordable, yet elegant look.

Common Types of Mirrors

There are three most common mirror glass types to choose for home decor, including:

  • Plane Mirror
  • Concave Mirror
  • Convex Mirror

We’ll discuss these mirrors and their uses, along with some ideas for home decor, so continue reading to see what would look good in your areas you want to spice up.

Different Mirror Types and Their Uses

Decorative mirrors have their place in a home. They can enhance figurines or be used in a hallway for a full-length reflection. Used in a living room, they can be an elegant feature to offset your furniture. Here are some mirror types and applications in which they’re typically used.

Clear Mirrors

By far the most popular type of mirror, you can choose a mirror that features a silver backing and paint and copper. Otherwise known as a two-way mirror, which is reflective on one side but clear on the other, clear mirrors You can place these mirrors pretty much anywhere in your home. If you want an ultra-clear mirror, they can be created with less iron, which reduces the slight green hue that most clear mirrors offer. If you need pure clarity, such as with an all-white interior space, these mirrors are a must.

Applications for clear or two way mirrors include:

  • Commercial Surveillance
  • Home Security
  • Hiding a TV
  • Hiding Valuables
  • Bank Surveillance
  • Monitoring Employees
  • Protecting Your Family
  • Showroom Surveillance
  • Smart Mirrors

Silvered Mirrors

Another type is silvered mirrors, a common type of mirror that’s designed with tempered or annealed glass brushed on a conveyor belt during manufacturing. Silvering is a common term for the chemical process by which the reflective mirror is created. It’s aluminum oxide, not silver that’s cooled and then stuck onto a sheet of glass in a vacuum, which coats the back surface, allowing for the desired mirror effect.

Applications for Silvered Mirrors

This popular and most commonly used mirror is used in homes, as well as the following applications:

  • One Way Mirrors
  • Two-Way Mirrors
  • Dental Mirrors
  • Rearview – One Way/Two-Way Mirrors
  • Convex Mirrors for safety and easy viewing
  • Signaling – Technology
  • Decorating
  • Entertainment
  • Projects – Leisure
  • Leisure

Antique Mirrors

To create an old-fashioned yet chic look, a great choice is antique mirrors. These mirrors feature tints and coatings that give you that look. Choose from a concave mirror that curves inward, creating more prominent reflections. Convex mirrors do the opposite, of course, and are ideal for spaces like a garage to help you see oncoming traffic around corners.

You can also choose laminated mirrors with clear glass, or safety backed mirrors for additional durability. For shower doors or where moisture could be a problem, consider two-way mirrors (transparent) and pyrolytic mirrors.

Call Murray Glass

If you’re ready to spruce up your home decor with decorative mirrors, contact us for custom options. We offer antiqued mirrors, laminated mirrors, and more.

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