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What Causes Hard Water Stains?

Glass Maintenance: What Causes Hard Water Stains?

Keeping your glass shower doors, windows, and faucets free of hard water stains can be challenging. 

Thankfully there are several relatively easy methods to remove these unsightly marks and keep your home looking sparkly clean. But to keep your surfaces looking good for longer than a day or two, it’s important to understand why hard water spots form so you can stop them in their tracks and prevent them from occurring.

Below you will find more information on the leading causes of hard water stains and ways to prevent them.

SPRINKLER OVERSPRAY — The hard water stains often found on the exteriors of your home, such as doors, siding, railings, and windows, are thanks to the sprinklers you use to keep your yard looking green and lush. Unless a forest of trees protects your house, its exteriors are directly exposed to the sun and wind, which help water spots dry quickly. 

PREVENT THE PROBLEM: Adjust your sprinkler heads, so they spray exactly where you want them to and to avoid overspray. Not only will you avoid annoying hard water stains, but you might also enjoy a better-looking lawn.

WATER LEFT TO DRY — When hard water is left to dry on glass surfaces such as a table, shelf, shower door, or anything else, stains and spots will surely make their appearance. It allows the minerals found in water, like magnesium, enough time to dissolve in glass, creating a hard water stain spot.

PREVENT THE PROBLEM: Water spills on glass tabletops and water droplets on your shower door are unavoidable; however, how you handle them is what determines whether or not stains will appear. To prevent spots, make sure to clean up spills right away and squeegee your shower doors dry after every shower or bath.

METAL SCREENS — Screens on your windows and doors are great for keeping our pesky insects and critters; however, these screens can cause hard water spots when they’re made of metal. The iron in the screen can react with moisture on the glass, leaving behind stains.

PREVENT THE PROBLEM: There are a couple of things you can do to avoid this issue: find a screen not made of metal or treat the screen with a reagent or mixture that prevents the corrosion of iron.

LEAKY GUTTER SYSTEM — Leaky gutters can play a role in causing various major problems to your home, such as foundation damage. They can also cause less severe problems, like staining your windows and glass doors. The moisture from the elements mixes with the chemicals and minerals found in your roof’s materials, falls to the gutter system, finds its way out of a leak, and streaks down your windows and glass doors.

PREVENT THE PROBLEM: Inspect your gutter system once or twice yearly and make repairs right away whenever necessary.

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For more tips and tricks like preventing hard water stains on your glass surfaces, contact the pros at Murray Glass.

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