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What Do I Need To Know About Retractable Glass Walls?

What Do I Need to Know About Retractable Glass Walls

Retractable glass walls can transform your home and allow for an indoor-outdoor living experience. 

Installing retractable glass walls in your house allows you to seamlessly bring the outside in and are a spectacular focal point. Not to mention, open or closed, they allow natural light to flood in and are the perfect way to take in the view. With the many benefits that come with retractable glass walls, it’s easy to get swept away in their glory. Before you pull the trigger on installing these beauties, there are a few things you should know and need to consider.

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How Do Retractable Glass Walls Operate?

There are several ways retractable glass walls operate and deciding which you want to be installed is really up to personal preference and the function of your property. Here are a few popular choices when designing an indoor-outdoor living experience:

POCKETING — Similar to pocket doors you’d find inside your home, this pocketing door system stacks and slides into your wall, completely hidden from sight.

STACKING — An evolution of the sliding door, stacking doors are made up of several sliding panels that stack behind one fixed pane. For a clean and sleek look, find flush stacking doors.

FOLDING — Also called bi-fold doors, folding doors stack similarly to an accordion and are neatly stored on one side of the system.

Which Configuration Works for My House?

As previously mentioned, deciding which door system works best for you and your home comes down to function and personal choice. There are a few things to keep in mind, such as room layout, square footage, traffic flow, and intended use. If space is tight or limited in your house, you may want to consider a pocketing or stacking system. Think about traffic flow and whether your doors should open from left to right or vice versa or right down the middle.

What Type of Glass Should Be Used for Retractable Glass Walls?

The type of glass you use in your retractable glass wall system is incredibly important. Make sure to consider energy efficiency and safety, depending on where your property is located. For example, homes in extremely cold environments will likely require different glass than a beach house located in a hurricane zone.

What Does the Frame Look Like?

In addition to glass, you’ll need to determine the material of your frame. Aluminum is an industry-favorite material because it is durable and features a narrow profile. Make sure to think about if you want a warm feel by adding wood to the interior part of the frame or an industrial look with aluminum showing throughout.

How About Hardware and Finishes?

The hardware on your retractable glass wall system is an important finishing touch and is customizable to match your home’s existing aesthetic. Does your property feature matte black hardware everywhere else? No problem! Your retractable glass wall system can have hardware to match!

Contact Murray Glass

If you want to learn more about retractable glass walls, windows, mirrors, custom glass projects, and more, contact the experts at Murray Glass. For decades, our knowledgeable team has been helping Salt Lake City homeowners improve their homes and business with professional glasswork. Whatever your glass project is, Murray glass has got you covered. Contact Murray Glass to schedule your consultation today!

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