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What is an Alcove Shower Door?

What is an Alcove Shower Door?

If you love watching home remodel shows, then you’ve undoubtedly heard of the alcove shower door, which can make any bathroom luxurious.

The design of your bathroom can have a significant impact on your day-to-day well-being. A bathroom that meets your needs can help you start and end your day in the most positive way. Unfortunately, bathrooms are often crammed into corners, lack natural light, and are constrained by the layout of the home which prioritizes the gathering spaces of an open-concept floor plan.

The good news is that no matter the size or orientation of your bathroom we can create a bathroom situation that meets your needs and maximizes your master for the very best experience. At Murray Glass we specialize in shower doors that make your bathroom feel bigger and brighter, so today we’re talking about how to choose shower doors for your alcove shower.

What is an Alcove Shower?

An alcove is a recessed space in a wall. They can be added to feature large sculptures, shrines, artwork, or even a piano in a building. On a more casual level, alcoves can be used in long and thin bathrooms to fit in a shower, bathtub, or shower/bath combo. This is when the shower space is cut into the wall. Usually the opening of the shower is flush with the wall on either side.

The Alcove Shower Door Defined

There are several options for your alcove shower to maximize the space or update an older bathroom. You’ll choose a style of shower door based on the amount of space in front of your shower—such as the space available for the shower door to swing open without hitting the vanity, cabinetry, toilet, or other doors and walls in the bathroom.

Alcove Shower Door Options

  • Sliding: sliding shower doors are ideal for an alcove shower that is wider than the average shower. Sliding doors bypass one another on a track, meaning it won’t open up into the bathroom area, and takes up no floor space.
  • Pivot or Hinge: these swinging doors are best for narrow-entry alcove showers. A hinge door will open one way, but a pivot will allow the door to swing freely in and out of the shower, which is helpful for deep showers.
  • Barrier-Free: a modern option for glass shower doors is to place a fixed glass panel closest to the shower head when it’s anchored on a side wall. Then the shower can be walked into without manipulating a door. This option is especially good for those who have mobility issues or if your alcove shower is wide.
  • Euro Glass: occasionally, depending on the surrounding walls of your alcove shower you will be able to remove one or both sidewalls in favor of a glass panel for a modern and breathtaking Euro glass shower.

High-End Shower Doors by Murray Glass

If you’re looking to remodel, update, or build your dream bathroom, look no further than Murray Glass for solutions. We specialize in installing shower doors, mirrors, frosted glass windows, dividing walls, and more. Come see what we can do for your home. We serve Salt Lake, Tooele, Summit, Utah, and Weber counties in Utah.

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