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What Makes the Best Shower Doors for Small Bathrooms?


If you’ve been thinking about replacing your shower door and have a small bathroom, you might wonder which one is best. You need to make crucial decisions to ensure you get the right one, so keep reading to learn about what makes the best shower doors for your space.

Shower Doors for Small Spaces

Below, you will find shower doors that are ideal for small bathrooms.

  • Pivot – These types of doors are designed to fit all kinds of modern showers and can swing 180 degrees to open either way. The pivot hinge can be mounted on one side of the door or in the center.
  • Hinged shower doors – These made-of-glass doors are similar to pivot ones but have one distinct difference: the opening direction of the pivot. It can only be opened in one direction, like a bedroom door. Hinged shower doors are optimal for stand-alone shower stalls.
  • Frameless – With only a few clips to hold the side of the glass instead of a frame. It gives a bathroom a spacious and airy feel as well. A frameless shower enclosure uses around ⅜” to ½” thick, sturdy tempered glass, which doesn’t require the support of metal around its exterior edges. This allows for a clean-line and modern look without visual obstructions. Note, they are more expensive than framed shower doors.
  • Semi-Frameless – For a more contemporary look that costs less, a semi-frameless shower door is a perfect alternative to complete frameless. High-quality components like the permanently bonded hinges, solid handles, and patented glass coating make it look attractive, so look for these options.
  • Framed – Finished by brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, or gold, a framed shower door comes with a composite material around the glass. They are more watertight than a frameless one, so your shower water won’t land on your bathroom floor anymore.  
  • Glass Tub Enclosures – Want both a tub and shower in a sleek glass design that’s different than the traditional shower curtain? Opt for a frameless sliding tub door with glass, making the doors effortlessly slide open on stainless steel track wheels over a steel track bar.
  • Sliding –  Otherwise known as a bypass shower door, a sliding shower door is designed to slide back and forth to allow someone to enter the shower enclosure. It consists of two panels normally so that it can slide past one panel to another easily on twin rollers. These doors come in various sizes and shapes to match your space. 
  • Bi-fold – A folding or bi-fold shower door is a great option for a small bathroom. It enables a wider walk-in opening without sacrificing space in the process. This custom glass look can be installed over a shower stall or tub.
  • Clear Glass – Even though it doesn’t give you privacy, if you live alone or want to upgrade after the kids are gone, a clear glass door lets you show off your shower in a small space, but keep in mind, it does require daily cleaning with a squeegee to stay pristine.
  • Textured or frosted – A fun way to add privacy but a fun look as well is to choose textured or frosted glass. It’s easier to maintain than clear glass and still manages a sleek, attractive finish.

Need More Information?

If you’re looking to get a quote or ask questions, we invite you to contact Murray Glass. Serving Salt Lake, Summit, Weber, Utah, and Tooele counties, we only deliver the best products and services to our customers. Call us today to learn more.

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