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What to Expect with 24-Hour Emergency Glass Services

What To Expect With 24 Hour Emergency Glass Services


You will undoubtedly need 24-hour emergency glass services if your business has been damaged or vandalized in the middle of the night, but what can you expect from the emergency service technician who arrives? It depends on the extent of the damage, the type of glass or mirrors you need, and the weather conditions at the time (it’s pretty tough to properly repair a glass storefront in a hailstorm!). However, 24-hour emergency glass is guaranteed to keep your property protected at least until new, permanent glass can be installed. This is one so-called Band-Aid solution that truly works.

Many pieces of commercial glass and mirrors are custom-made for your business, so the same matching piece might not be readily available in the size you need. However, a temporary solution that’s just as durable can keep your business looking presentable — and more importantly, keep it secure. Many businesses depend on glass and mirrors to increase visibility, the appearance of size, luxury appeal and natural light. Unfortunately, a severe storm or a determined vandal can instantly destroy the looks of your business.

The Repair Pro is on the Way — Now What?

Repair professionals will give you a time frame for when they will arrive, though in the middle of the night it will likely be quick. You’ll need a ballpark estimate of the size of the crack, the size of the pane and of course the location. Depending on the circumstances, it may not be safe to wait by the broken glass. Stay somewhere nearby, and your repair pro will call you when they arrive. They’ll come equipped with all the tools necessary to make the repair.

How long does it take? Every situation is unique. However, your space is safe while being repaired, and it’s just as durable with the temporary or new permanent glass. Keep in mind that you might have existing interior damage, such as broken shards, other debris or stolen equipment. You’ll need to take care of this damage, hire a separate crew to do it or have your team handle it when they arrive.

Ready for an Upgrade?

Many commercial property owners use damaged glass as an excuse to upgrade. You may want to opt for a stronger, thicker piece this time around, mix glass with mirrors or consider adding a security film for added protection. Tinting your glass is another way to ward off burglars – if they can’t see the goods inside easily, they’ll likely move on to another target. Talk with your repair professional about the best upgrade for you and your business.

The goal of 24-hour emergency glass services is to get you back to business as usual as quickly as possible. Any time of day or night, urgent services are just a phone call away. Keep Murray Glass’ 24-hour emergency services phone number handy so you’re prepared for any glass emergency.

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