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Why Frosted Glass is a Good Option for Your Shower Door

Why Frosted Glass is a Good Option for Your Shower Door
Upgrading your bathroom is an exciting project. Updates to your bathroom can have one of the biggest impacts on the value and look of your home.As you go about making upgrades and changes, you’ll have plenty of choices to make.

If you’ve chosen to go with a frameless glass shower door, you’ll have to decide which type of glass to choose from. Here’s why frosted glass is a good option for your shower door.

While clear glass offers lots of light and an openness to a room that is generally highly desirable in other areas of the home, sometimes a bathroom isn’t always the best place for clear glass.

That is especially true if you are considering glass for your shower door. With a clear view inside the shower, some homeowners may not feel completely at ease in their own bathroom, which is a shame! It should be the place where you’re able to unwind after a long day and relax in a nice hot shower.

When you choose frosted glass doors for your bathroom, you’ll still get that modern feel of a frameless glass shower door, and the openness of glass while still getting the privacy that many need to feel completely comfortable.  

When you consider frosted glass interior bathroom doors, you may be worried that you won’t like the “frosted” look. But did you know there are many different varieties when it comes to frosted glass?

There is the traditional frost look that comes in a variety of textures and patterns, but you can also choose from different looks like “rain” and even etched glass door designs! All of these will give you the privacy of frosted glass while allowing you to create a custom space that you love.

If you need a helping hand navigating the many frosted glass options, contact Murray Glass. The leaders for all things glass in Salt Lake City can help you find just what you’re looking for made from the highest quality materials.

Maybe you love the look of clear glass doors, but to achieve that look you need to keep all visible areas of your bathroom tidy and clean.

For some, this may not be realistic! Or maybe you just know that you’ll always have bottles and soaps in your shower that you need access too, but don’t necessarily want displayed. This is where interior frosted glass doors become a perfect option.

If you’re worried about the maintenance of a clear glass shower door, a frosted glass interior door for our bathroom is a great way to get the benefits of glass while allowing a little leeway on the squeegeeing.

When you have a glass shower door, you will need to squeegee after each use to keep the glass clear and avoid water spots.

While it’s good practice to clean your glass shower door, frosted or not, when you have frosted glass and you’re running late, no one will notice the water spots left behind. Just be sure to give it a good cleaning next time.

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