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Why Is It Important to Repair Your Broken Glass as Soon as Possible

Why Is It Important to Repair Your Broken Glass as Soon as Possible?

Broken glass is no joke. You tell yourself that you’ll fix your shattered glass later, but by the time you get to it your glass will be more difficult to fix. Even if broken glass starts off with one crack, it can quickly multiply to several cracks. Perhaps you slammed your shower door too hard, and now your glass is a spider web of cracks. Whatever the reason, broken glass must be treated immediately. Your first instinct will be to buy a glass repair kit, but those kits do not effectively fix household glass. 

The sooner you treat broken glass, the sooner you can move on with your life. Leaving glass shards all over your home is not a good look, and it’s irresponsible. What will happen if your pet steps on broken glass? There is no time to waste. 

Types of Glass Breakage

Not only is broken glass a headache to begin with, but there’s also different kinds of broken glass to worry about. You read that right—there are several types of glass fractures. The main ones are impacting breakage, stress cracks, and spontaneous breakage. Impact breakage is the most common type of glass fracture on your windows. It occurs when an item that’s in high acceleration crashes into your window, like when your child plays basketball and the ball smashes into your window. The ball will cause impact breakage, and it will leave several cracks on your window. Shards are in between those cracks, which is dangerous. Wear rubber gloves and a long-sleeve shirt when picking up shards to avoid injury. Stress cracks begin from the edge of your glass, and they meander around your glass without a pattern. There’s a reason why these are called stress cracks, as your windows are relieving themselves of stress caused by heat. This type of breakage is common for windows made of annealed glass. Spontaneous breakage is when glass breaks by itself. Sometimes, this type of breakage can be attributed to nickel sulfide inclusions. Nickel sulfide inclusions occur when tiny rocks remain inside of glass since glass is made from melted powders. 

Shower Door Glass Breakage 

You’re taking a relaxing shower when suddenly, your shower door spontaneously breaks! Shower doors are typically made from tempered glass, which is a type of glass that has been altered during the glass heating process. Tempered glass is strong against direct impact, but this usually means that the sides of your glass are weak. Fortunately, you don’t drop your shower door on its side for fun. However, your shower door might be impacted each time you slide it. This causes fractures to your glass that build up over time. One day, your shower door might shatter, and you’ll have to either repair or replace it.

Window Glass Breakage  

Broken windows are far more than an unsightly inconvenience, they can compromise the safety of your home. A burglar might take your broken window as an invitation into your house, and you certainly do not want a home invasion. Additionally, window cracks allow warm air to escape during the winter, and hot air to enter your home in the summer. This will tamper with your home’s energy efficiency. 

You can try fixing broken glass on your own, but these jobs are time-consuming and can be harmful. Leave broken glass repairs to the experts. Call Murray Glass today so our specialists can salvage your glass. 

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