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Why See-Through Offices are All the Rage in 2020

Why See-Through Offices are All the Rage in 2020

See-through offices are a hot new trend that companies big and small are hopping on board with, and many newer offices are swapping drywall for glass.

What is it about these glass walls that are gaining popularity faster than a speed train? Keep reading today’s blog to find out.

Pros of See-Through Offices

  • Collaboration – Glass walls allow employees to feel more connected and leads to more communication and collaboration, both of which are a sign of a successful modern workplace.
  • Natural light – These offices bring in natural light, improving the environment and leading to happier employees.
  • Looks biggerStudies show that the average size of offices is shrinking. Glass walls allow the space to be reduced while giving the appearance of openness and making the space look larger than it actually is.
  • Flexibility – As opposed to drywall, some glass walls offer the flexibility of being movable, allowing for office spaces to be quickly reconfigured to suit the needs of the office.
  • Durability – Interior glass is durable, easy to clean and requires much less maintenance than drywall. Though the upfront cost is typically more, it is likely to make up for the cost over time.
  • Extra features – Some glass walls include extra features like the ability to be written on or projected onto. Additionally, there are options for tinting to help with light filtration.

Cons of See-Through Offices

Though the positives of these modern offices far outweigh the negatives, there are some downsides to glass walls in offices.

  • Sound – There are concerns over the acoustics and privacy of glass walls. Nobody wants to be overheard while having a sensitive conversation with a boss or a client. If proper precautions aren’t taken, there may be issues with noise leaking and poor acoustics.
  • Privacy – Though glass walls may discourage employees from taking naps or wasting company time behind closed doors, these offices can make people feel like they are inside of a fish bowl. There are some glass films or shades on the market that can help with privacy.
  • Glare – Especially in cases where clear glass is used for exterior walls, glare may be an issue. Sun shades can significantly improve the problems that arise from glare.
  • Safety – Frameless glass walls are extremely popular because of their clean and streamlined appearance. However, they are not recommended for use in high traffic areas where people may accidentally walk into them. Adding a frame to these glass walls can work well.

Contact Murray Glass for All Your Glass Needs

The glass technicians at Murray Glass can help make your office feel more open, collaborative, and modern by installing glass walls to help create your see-through office. We work closely with our clients to meet your needs and design a space that will meet all your expectations and more.

We serve Salt Lake, Summit, Weber, Tooele, and Utah counties in Utah. Reach out to us to see what we can do for you.


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