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Why Try A Shower With All Glass Walls?

Why Try A Shower With All Glass Walls

Showers with all glass walls used to be a luxury found only in mansions and upscale hotels, but now anyone can have access to this type of shower. All-glass showers, also known as a frameless shower, have become a homeowner’s top shower time choice. Gone are the days of buying a new shower curtain every few months. Although showers with glass doors are a timeless classic, they can sometimes make your shower look incomplete. If you already have a glass shower door installed, why not go the extra mile and invest in glass shower walls? Glass walls are the finish that every shower deserves. 

A Larger and Brighter Bathroom

Glass shower walls come with several benefits that you can’t afford to miss out on any longer. For starters, glass shower walls can be made in any size. Frameless walls and doors can be customized to look like either a spa shower or only to take up a small corner of your bathroom. 

Moreover, glass showers invite light into your bathroom. A light flow is important when it comes to performing your daily shower routine, and glass is the perfect way to invite natural light into your bathroom for your daytime showers. Dark showers make it almost impossible to locate your shampoo, soap, and razors, and the last thing you want is to waste time searching for them. Fortunately, frameless glass shower doors and walls let both natural and artificial light flow into your shower to improve visibility. 

Another perk that comes with glass shower walls is that they can make your bathroom feel larger. Shower curtains can cut off your sightlines, but the glass allows you to see into your shower space. This creates the illusion of having a bigger bathroom. Don’t pay for a costly bathroom remodel to make your area bigger; glass shower walls are the way to go. 

Less Cleaning Means Less Responsibility 

Chances are, you don’t particularly enjoy cleaning your bathroom, but it’s a responsibility you must take care of weekly. To make matters worse, showers and bathtubs are trouble areas to clean—you have to deal with mold and soap scum. By installing glass shower walls, you can trim your bathroom cleaning routine in half because they are low maintenance. Since frameless glass shower walls have no seals around them, there’s no place for water droplets and soap to hide. This means that water and soap won’t be able to gather and build-up anymore. 

One of the most annoying parts about cleaning your shower is frequently stepping in and out of your shower to clean both the inside and the outside. When it comes to frameless glass walls and doors, you can easily squeegee your shower walls and door clean. 

A Sturdy and Structurally Sound Shower

Glass shower walls appear delicate, but looks can be deceiving. One of the most redeeming qualities of glass shower walls is that they are incredibly sturdy and durable. Watertight seals prevent water leakage, and homeowners never have to worry about replacing corroded parts because glass walls don’t contain any metal. 

One of the main reasons why homeowners love showers made entirely of glass isn’t because of their appearance, but rather their lack of appearance. A shower that looks invisible wins in the never-ending battle of making your home appear larger and more open. Make the switch to a classy all-glass shower today. Murray Glass specializes in all things glass-related, and we’ll even work with your budget. Contact us today. 


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