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Home Windows: How to Retain Your Privacy?


Can windows, designed to allow for natural sunlight and high visibility, also promise more privacy?

Yes, as long as you know what you’re shopping for and have a quality glass shop to depend on.

Today’s glass technology is worlds away from your grandparents’. “Safety glass” is now the norm in many places (like your car) so that if it shatters, it breaks into small, gummy pieces that stick together rather than in big, sharp, dangerous shards.

This type of glass is also increasingly common in home and business windows, but it’s not required by law in all states, so make sure when you shop you’re buying safety glass.

A gummy break is especially essential if you have children at home or if you operate a business that serves children on-site. Any space where running or high-impact activity takes place, such as a day care or a gym, should feature safety glass.

Also, windows with thicker panes, including double- or triple-pane options, improve safety. For privacy, consider tinting and proper window placement.

Choosing Windows Wisely

Window tinting isn’t only for cars and large commercial buildings. A tint on your home windows can help provide extra protection from harmful UV rays and also gives you the privacy you crave without sacrificing natural light.

Unlike car windows, there are no regulations on how dark home window tinting can be. You can have a professional install the tinting or DIY with tinting film strips. Some strips are temporary, letting you add or remove that layer of privacy at will.

The placement and size of windows is another way to customize privacy. If you’re custom building a home or undertaking a big renovation project, now is the time to get more control over your window placement.

Think about where the sun will be throughout the day, what views you want unobstructed (like that of your gorgeous backyard garden) and which views you can give up (like that of your neighbor next door who loves to sunbathe in his natural state).

Location for Maximum Privacy

Placing narrow windows high up can give you extra light and the illusion of more space, without subjecting you to unattractive views.

Window placement also works the other way around. For example, if you don’t want to keep the curtains in your bedroom and bathroom closed but you crave space and light, high, narrow windows (and skylights!) work great in these rooms.

Once your windows have been selected and installed, keep any warranty information. And keep the number for Murray Glass handy — should your glass or mirrors break, you need a company with 24/7 availability and a trustworthy reputation at the ready.

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