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Windows With Maximum Energy Efficiency

Windows With Maximum Energy Efficiency


You want your windows to be as safe and energy-efficient as possible.

Fortunately, the safety part is taken care of if you have newer windows, since the technology to make safety glass that breaks into gummy bits instead of shards has been around for quite a while. And the more panes your windows sport, the safer they are and the tougher they are to break, too. Double panes also maximize energy efficiency, so you get two perks for the price of one.

Homeowners and business owners prioritizing energy efficiency know to look for windows with a good Energy Star rating.

Energy Star is a non-biased, third-party government program that rates a number of products and appliances on how green, energy-efficient and cost-saving they are. Depending on the tax year, you might also snag a tax break for installing Energy Star products, but always check with your CPA first if that’s a deciding factor.

Bring on the Winners

Energy Star features a number of winning choices for vertical slider style windows this year, including the A Window Inc. Energy Core, Alside A501, Champion Window Comfort 365 Extreme Energy, and Sunrise Windows Solace/Vanguard series. Factors for judging included National Fenestration Council Ratings, solar heat gain coefficient ratings and how the products do in various climate zones.

If you’re looking for the most energy-efficient horizontal sliders, you’ll do well with the American Window Alliance EnergyQuest-Max slider, Simonton Windows Reflections 550 prism, NT Window Y140, or the Winchester Industries Bristol 558 SNS Slider. Choose from many more and discover the top-ranked options in all styles at the official Energy Star website.

Making the Most of Your Windows

Energy Star also ranks casement-style models such as projected, hopper, awning, and tilt and turn, as well as fixed or picture windows, every year. However, replacing all the windows in an older, less-energy-efficient home can be costly. Some homeowners replace their windows one at a time, as budget allows, prioritizing rooms that are used most often.

If you have old windows that aren’t made with safety glass (and you have children in the home), you’ll probably want to replace windows children have easiest access to first.

In some cases, you might be a little heartbroken thinking you have to give up those gorgeous, century-old beveled glass windows, but that’s no longer the case. Beveled glass is definitely a luxury upgrade, but today’s manufacturers offer stunning beveled safety glass.

Hold onto your old glass and use it as décor on walls or as makeshift bed frames for a unique look that pays homage to your historic home.

Most importantly, make sure that no matter what type of windows you have, you also have a local glass repair expert on call around the clock. Murray Glass offers window repair services 24/7 so that you and your family can rest easy knowing your windows are in good hands.

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