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Your Guide To Deep Cleaning Your Windows Inside and Out

Your Guide To Deep Cleaning Your Windows Inside and Out
Cleaning your windows may seem like a project to be taken care of during spring cleaning, but ideally you should be cleaning your windows twice a year. That means that now, just before winter arrives, is the perfect time to clean your windows. Here is your guide to deep cleaning your windows inside and out.

Deep Cleaning Inside

You may think cleaning the inside of your windows is easy, but there are a few things you can do to make the job more effective and easier. The first is to begin by dusting and wiping away dirt with a dry rag. Vacuuming also works great too. This will help you avoid making a muddy mess when you apply cleaner/moisture to the dusty, dirty mess on your windows and window sill.

Another helpful tip is to clean your windows on a cloudy day. A sunny day will make your cleaner dry too quickly, leaving streaks.

Next, apply your cleaner. And don’t be afraid to spritz your windows liberally to remove all of the grime!

To finish up, wipe away any remaining product with a lint-free cloth.

Deep Cleaning Outside

Nothing makes you long for spring like the gloom and dullness that comes in the wintertime when you look outside. This can be amplified by dirty windows, making the coldest months drag on and on. The best way to get more natural light into your home is to clean the outside of your windows.

To start, mix one part water and one part vinegar in a small bucket. Use a sponge and gently wash your windows.

If your windows are hard or dangerous to get to, try dipping a microfiber cloth in the solution and attaching it to the end of a mop. You can then use the mop to reach the outside of your windows from the inside! If you have extra stubborn buildup, try a mixture of water and dish soap.

After you’ve removed most of the grime, you want to create a streak-free finish. The best way to do this is with a squeegee. Be sure you start in the upper left corner and move the squeegee to the right and around — in a backwards “s” pattern. Be sure to keep a lint-free rag with you and at the end of each stroke, wipe away the excess water with your rag to avoid drips.
Use another rag (an old t-shirt works great) to go around the edge of your window and wipe up any extra drips. Be sure that you remember to wipe down the windowsill!

If you’re in need of new windows, or anything to do with glass, make sure you contact the experts in the industry, Murray Glass. From windows to mirrors, shower doors, glass repair, and more, Murray Glass will provide premium service and products.

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