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Add Mirrors Add Value To Your Business


Mirrors have been used for thousands of years to add value and light and to make spaces look bigger in just about any setting. Does that magical trifecta sound like the perfect addition to your business or retail space?

It should, since all three have been linked to higher profits, conversions and in-store traffic.

Let’s start with value — both mirrors and glass are intrinsically linked to luxury. Their shine and appeal are worlds above plastic. Imagine swapping out a plastic display stand for a glass or mirrored one — you can instantly envision how much classier it looks.

Of course, glass and mirrors are breakable in a way plastic isn’t. That’s part of what makes it high-end.

However, today’s glass and mirrors are created with durability in mind. They can still break, but the resultant pieces will be gummy and dull, not sharp and dangerous.

It’s also easier nowadays for professionals to expertly repair glass and mirrors, which is added insurance in case of an accident. Glass, mirrors and plastic are relatively durable today, but only the former options come with a generous side of luxe.

Lighten Up!

Mirrors reflect any and all light, while glass allows natural light to pour inside. That’s something you’re not going to get from any opaque option. The more natural light your business has, the better your products (and salespeople!) will look.

Plus, the more vitamin D you have, the better your employees and customers will feel. Most businesses benefit from being either cheery or intimate, both achievable with natural light. You’re not going to sell many high-end watches under fluorescent bulbs!

Mirrors and glass also make your space appear bigger — a must for smaller retailers. Mirrors can make a room look endlessly large, while glass mitigates the risk of making a room seem blocked off with clunky, opaque display stands.

Most businesses say they wished they had more space — optimize your space with a little illusion, which will make it seem more luxurious, and your visitors will feel less cramped.

An Easy Upgrade

Swapping out those old showcases for mirror or glass is a fast and easy upgrade. It’s much simpler than relocating or drastically changing your inventory lineup.

This is the perfect time of year to make it happen. The holiday rush is over, you don’t have to worry about customers wreaking havoc with your displays, and this “slow month” is when your employees can focus on building the new stations.

There’s no easier way to increase your business’ aesthetics than with mirrors and glass. Call Murray Glass today to discuss your options, and save our 24-hour emergency number in your phone just in case — after all, you want experts at the ready to protect your mirrors, glass, business and customers.

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