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7 Tasteful Ways to Style Your Glass Tabletop

7 Tasteful Ways to Style Your Glass Tabletop

A well-designed tabletop could easily become the center of attention in your office, living room, or any other space. Discover the 7 different ways to showcase your glass table.

Can My Glass Table Handle Heat?


A glass topper is a striking crowning jewel for any table, but it’s important to know if your glass table can handle heat before you begin using it. Regular glass may break once exposed to extreme heat, but tempered glass is a much safer choice when it comes to handling hot items. Before investing in […]

Best Ways To Clean Your Glass Table

Best Ways To Clean Your Glass Table

If you’ve invested in a beautiful glass tabletop, streaks and leftover lint might seem like a never-ending nightmare. However, taking a minute to clean your glass table doesn’t have to induce frustration. Glass tables are a beautiful addition to any home, but they don’t have the same effect if they are covered in fingerprints, dust, […]

My Glass Table Broke. Why?

Why My Glass Table Broke

Glass tables are known for being resilient against everyday wear and tear, which is why it’s always shocking when a glass table breaks.  If your table has recently broken and you’re unsure why keep reading for a few possibilities.   A Heavy Load Like all tables, glass tables can only hold so much weight. If your […]