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Soap Scum on Your Shower Doors? Here’s What to Do

What To Do with Soap Scum on Your Shower Doors

After a few weeks of showering every day, you end up with soap scum on your shower doors. Yuck! It’s as unsightly as it is annoying.  Your beautiful custom shower doors have just been installed, and you couldn’t be happier. We’ve been there, soap scum can make even the most luxurious shower doors look dingy […]

5 Cleaning Hacks To Keep Your Shower Doors Soap Scum Free

5 Cleaning Hacks To Keep Your Shower Doors Soap Scum Free

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could always keep our shower doors soap scum free? There’s nothing better than walking into a sparkling clean shower. Check out these cleaning hacks for keeping shower doors clean and sparkling all year long! Use Dish Soap – Keep a dish wand filled with a mixture of dish soap, […]

Are Shower Doors Better Than Curtains?

Are Shower Doors Better Than Curtains?

Deciding between a shower door or shower curtain is a tough decision. Glass shower doors are easy to clean, elegant, and cost-effective in the long run. On the other hand, shower curtains are inexpensive, and you can change them to match your home’s current aesthetic. Find out if shower doors are better than curtains. What […]

Different Kinds of Shower Doors

Different Kinds of Shower Doors

You might be underestimating the role of your shower door in your bathroom right now, but shower doors affect the level of privacy you’re comfortable with, as well as your budget and lifestyle. For these reasons and more, there are several types of shower doors available to serve your needs. These cover a wide range […]

Is Your Shower Door Safe?

Is Your Shower Door Safe

Your shower doors can be a focal point of your bathroom if you go with a stunning, floor-to-ceiling frameless option like those featured on HGTV.   The lack of a frame makes the shower and the room look bigger, and the style is reminiscent of a luxury spa. It’s one of the most popular items […]

Shower Doors Need Replacing?

Shower Doors Need Replacing

Many shower doors are the focal points in bathrooms. What does a cracked, scratched, foggy or dirty door say about you and your home? Shower doors don’t always come from the manufacturer equipped with a proper sealant. Glass is actually a porous material, even though it doesn’t seem like it. It has pores that can […]