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Should You Remove That Broken Window Yourself?


It happens just like the movies; the kids are out in the yard playing ball when all of a sudden one of them scores a home-run hit. The ball goes shooting into the air headed straight for your home. Before you know it, you’re left with a gaping hole in one of your windows. Of […]

Get Your Glass Table Top Clean With These 4 Steps

  You know that having a glass table top on your favorite piece of furniture can really make it stand out… that is until it is covered with fingerprints, food residue, or dust. The good news is that getting your glass table top sparkly clean again isn’t too difficult. Get your glass tabletop clean with […]

Three Mirror Superstitions


Superstitions have been around for years. And while they may seems silly, they have been a way for many to explain the unexplainable. They also bridge the gap in time from ancient traditions and ancestry to today. Superstitions are anything but outdated; in fact, they are alive and well today. You may even be a […]

Benefits of a Glass Shower Door


Shopping for a new shower door for your bathroom can be challenging. There are many options to choose from, each one giving you a very different look and feel. If you’re looking to update your space, you want something that feels open, clean, and luxurious. Installing a glass shower door is a great way to […]

Your Guide To Deep Cleaning Your Windows Inside and Out

Your Guide To Deep Cleaning Your Windows Inside and Out

Cleaning your windows may seem like a project to be taken care of during spring cleaning, but ideally you should be cleaning your windows twice a year. That means that now, just before winter arrives, is the perfect time to clean your windows. Here is your guide to deep cleaning your windows inside and out. […]

Murray Glass: Mirrors in Utah

Murray Glass: Mirrors in Utah

Any homeowner will tell you that having an open feel and lots of light are just a few of the most desirable qualities in a home. In many instances, creating openness can really only be achieved with intense remodeling. Unless you’ve purchased a fixer-upper, that’s probably not a very realistic move. Getting more light into […]

Utah’s Leader in Glass Repair

Utah’s Leader in Glass Repair

Having glass in your home can provide many added benefits. When you have glass walls, doors, windows, or shelves, you create a unique space that is clean and open. Glass allows more light into an area. It also gives giving rooms an open feel with better flow. And as a bonus, glass can help create […]

Murray Glass: Glass Shower Doors

Murray Glass: Glass Shower Doors

Your bathroom should be a place of comfort and relaxation. With the right elements, it’s easy to turn any room with a tub and sink into a luxurious getaway where you can both unwind and recharge. One of the best ways to do this is by giving your bathroom a facelift with new glass shower […]

Glass Walls and Doors Repair

Glass Walls and Doors Repair

When it comes to glass for your home or business, look no further than Murray Glass. With several different services to choose from, you can be confident that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for from this family-owned business. One of the many services offered by Murray Glass includes glass walls and doors. Using glass […]

Glass Shower Door vs. Plastic Curtain, Which Is Better?

Which Is Better Glass Shower Door Vs Plastic Curtain

Deciding between a glass shower door or sticking to a traditional plastic curtain for your new bathroom design isn’t an easy choice. Both options have benefits and drawbacks, but you have to make a decision.   While you get a lot of flexibility with a replaceable shower curtain, the classy, high-end look of a glass […]